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This patch adds support for the armour items added by Cloaks of Skyrim into Smiley96L's VR Body mod. Now you can admire yourself in many more outfits!

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IMPORTANT: These patches are for the now-deprecated VR Body V1. I strongly suggest you go and download the new and improved VR Body V2 here instead, which doesn't need individual patches and has a bunch of other improvements.

This mod adds support to Smiley96L's fantastic WIP VR Body mod for the new armour items added in Cloaks of Skyrim. Simply use the mod manager of your choice to install this mod directly after VR Body. This patch also covers Cloaks of Skyrim's patches for Dawnguard and USSEP.

NOTE: There's a lot of content in this, and I'm just one nerd - while I'm hard at work creating patches for some of the other more popular mods, I can't do exhaustive testing. So while the majority of armour items should work, a small number may be invisible, turn bits of your body invisible and so on. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me about these bugs - some issues are easier or harder to fix than others, but I'm going to try and do frequent updates to these to fix bugs people report.

Many, many thanks to Smiley96L for helping me out with getting started on this. I've many more patches to come.

Thank you! Good hunting!