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Wanna push that immersion to the next level? This mod attempts to combine home automation with VR to enhance the immersion by switching a fan on or off depending on the current location you're at in-game. You'll need special hardware for this mod to function.

Permissions and credits
Ever wandered through Skyrim and felt like something was missing? It sure is that cold breeze, that you're seeing and hearing, but not feeling and it's completly ruining your immersion, right? No need to panic friend, this mod will help you out.

What you'll need:
  • 2.4GHz WLAN Router (almost everybody has this at home)
  • TP-Link HS100 or HS110 Smart Plug (available for most socket-outlet types)
  • A fan with manual/mechanical buttons. (It has to turn on instantly when powered - very important!)
  • Most old fans will have this feature. Newer (especially the more expensive) ones tend to come with remotes and start in standby (not what we want).
  • SKSE for Skyrim VR (Download from here: http://skse.silverlock.org/)
  • This mod ;)

I know this is a kinda expensive mod (the hardware), but both, the fan as well as the smart-plug are also useful outside of skyrim.

  • Configure the smart plug using the provided app from TP-Link for android/iOS (Kasa) and name it "ImmersiveWindsPlug". (It has to be exactly this name!)
  • Your PC and the smart plug have to be connected to the same network/router. (LAN or WiFi) Notice that the smart plug needs a 2.4GHz WiFi.
  • Plug the fan into the smart plug and make sure you can control it using the app.
  • Install the latest version of SKSE for Skyrim VR.
  • Install this mod.
  • Start up the game via SKSE and enjoy. :)

Once you started the game once with the mod enabled, the immersiveWinds.ini file will get generated in <Documents>/MyGames/Skyrim VR/SKSE.
Use that file for the following configuration.

You have 2 options to run this mod:

1. Simple Mode

Activate by setting the following configuration in the immersiveWinds.ini file: 

What it does:
Switch the fan on when outside, switch it off when inside (houses, caves, etc.)

For this mode you wanna set the fan to a lower strength. 
Oscillation on or off depends on the size of your play area and your personal preferences.

2. Intermittent Mode:

This mode is active when you install the mod. (because the majority uses it)

Activate by setting the following configuration in the immersiveWinds.ini file: 

What it does:
Inside houses it will turn off, just like the simple mode. 
Outside and in caves there are different strengths, also taking into account the current weather and altitude of the location you're at.
The different strengths are achieved by constantly switching the state of the plug at different intervals.

For most users the default configuration of the intermittent mode will be fine, however you can completly customize the behaviour.

There are 7 different strengths:
0: Always off.
1-6: Intermittent or constantly off/on.

Each strength except 0 can be modified. The values are time intervals in seconds. Here is an example for strength level 1:

The plug stays off for 2 seconds, then switches on.
Then the plug stays on for 1.2 to 1.8 seconds and switches off again. The value is random every cycle but always between the boundaries.
This cycle is repeated until the strength changes.

Setting one of the values fIntermittentLXOff or fIntermittentLXOn to 0 will set the state of the plug to be constant for that strength.


This sets the plug to on until the strength changes. The random values won't matter in this case. 
Setting both to 0 is invalid and will result in the default values for that strength. 
Values less then 1 except 0, e.g. 0.5, will get rounded up to 1. This doesn't apply to the random values.

Additionally you can customize how the parameters affect the strength:
There are 4 Categories:
  • Location Base Values (e.g iInsideBase)
  • Altitude Modifier
  • Weather Modifier
  • Time Modifier
Only one (at most) of each category can be active at the same time.

The variables in depth:

Example (using the default values): 
Outside + Night + High Altitude + Pleasant Weather
-> 3 + 1 + 1 + 0 = 5
So the resulting strength level would be 5 in this case.

If you think you've found a great setup, feel free to share your settings in the comments section.

For this mode you wanna set the fan to the highest strength. 
Oscillation on or off depends on the size of your play area and your personal preferences.

  • I highly recommend using closed headphones/In-Ears as the fan, as well as the smart plug, will generate some noise and might distract you from the game.
  • You can setup multiple fans on the same plug to increase the range and consistency of the effect.
  • Consider using Skyrim is Windy and/or Blowing in the Wind.
  • Tower fans tend to have a smaller oscillation range than normal fans and are also a good option. Personally I use 1 tower and 1 normal fan.
  • Aim the fan(s) at torso height. 

Additional Features:

  • Adds a new (unvoiced) shout to the player. With the shout one can summon stronger winds for a duration of 30 seconds. Handy if you need a quick cooldown ;)
  • The shout only works when outside! (For realism) The shout is learned automatically on installation.

Known Issues:

  • The wind state won't update correctly if you go inside a building without a load screen/door because there seems to be no way to detect it. (Except maybe checking x,y,z and the loaded map)
  • This is not a big issue, because only a few towers/ruins are affected, but still. If you know a way to fix this, please let me know.

In general this mod should be compatible with every other mod.
  • The mod doesn't do anything.
  • -> Make sure you followed the above setup guide correctly and can control the smart plug via the official app. You can also try setting "bUseUdp" to 1 in the immersiveWinds.ini file located in <Documents>/MyGames/Skyrim VR/SKSE. If it still doesn't work write me a message and include the immersiveWinds.log file and immersiveWinds.ini file located in <Documents>/MyGames/Skyrim VR/SKSE. So I can track down the problem. If these files do not exist, something went wrong with your setup. -> Either SKSE is not working (make sure you start Skyrim via SKSE), or this mod wasn't installed correctly.

If you notice a bug please create it in the bugs section.

  • I'll might investigate controlling a fan directly via infrared signals using other hardware then currently. This will allow setting the strength of the fan as well to increase the immersion factor. (thx brentw89) This will be an additional feature for this mod, not replacing the current hardware (TP-Link).
  • I'm currently trying out this thing here: http://dangerousprototypes.com/docs/USB_IR_Toy_v2
  • I also thought of another mod that uses the same technique to add another immersion enhancement factor. Stay tuned.