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  • Doin't it right - How to get a perfect ending (SPOILERS)

    Stahp cheating.

    1. In "Wingman", don't tell Skjall to molest Lyria or come up with a poem off the top of his head. Goddammit, I hate that quest.

    2. In "Ignorance and Difference", don't tell Skjall try to go kill Stormcloaks himself.

    3. In "Burying the Past", make sure you get all four notes from the targets.

    4. Toasters aren't fleshlights and if you tell me that these instructions are unclear, that's your problem.

    5. In "Labor of Love", convince Bjannor that he'd be better off free from enthrallment.

    6. In "Counterespionage", don't kick Trevylian out of the Citadel.

    7. In "Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome":
     -Don't consolidate everyone into the keep.