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All versions are working with ENB Series 0.368!
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Im working really hard on my ENB and also on my modlist , a endorse will keep me going!


I wanted to create an ENB that is cold like skyrim should be
and has these WOW moments!!! 
With a bright Blue Sky and very natural ground and Vegetation tones.
Dark at night, but with an awesome starry and colorful sky! 
Its really performance Friedly! For me it only costs about 2 FPS!
 and I want to share it with everyone!

Pls give me your thoughts on this version. 

Your Feedback helps me to make this ENB better and better! 

<3 <3 <3


 1.7 VividDolomite 2.2

version 2.0 NAT

version 1.4 NAT

2.1 Obsidian  1.4 Obsidian video by Fabricio Siqueira

version 1.2 Dolomite

Beta Versions


Maybe this will help you to choose !

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80% of monitors are bad calibrated out of the box

(best site I found for calibrating)

also you can use windows color calibration tool

You can use a expensive tool,but you dont need
only do that if your a perfectionist


It achieves its antialiasing by blurring the whole image and has almost no performance impact. 

Looks really great when standing still, but introduces a motion blur like effect when moving.

Edge AA
Blurs the edges very agressive

This is the best option right now and is included and activated out of the box in my preset since update 1.2

Now my ENB got 3 different AA presets
Choose the one for you
I optimized every preset for TAA, FXAA or only SMAA

ENB Effect DNI
you can easily adjust brightnes and contrast for every daytime

ENB Ambient Occlusion
Because Vanilla AO is not good

slightly blending effect

Subsurface Scattering
Vastly improved lighting for translucent materials like skin. Turns the skin from plastic to realistic.

Depth of Field 
High Quality DoF 
It's turned off in my presets, but with one click in the enbseries you can turn it on
Its good out of the box

 customize the ENB to your style.

Unique customizable vignette effect . Again, easy to disable in "Enbeffectpostpass" if you don't like it.

Enhances the image quality by bringing out texture details.
You can higher it or lower it in "Enbeffectpostpass" under "step count"

 can be turned off in ENBseries

The Impact is from Rig to Rig different! It's a really Performance friendly ENB!

I got a 1080ti and a I5 6600K for me the ultimate Version costs about 2FPS.
Ultimate Version has ~2-8 Fps Impact
Performance Version has ~1-5 Fps Impact

Vanilla  or any weathermod you prefer :)
Enhanced Lights and FX

Realistic water two
viscous Foliage
Noble Skyrim
skyrim 2017 Textures
give a look into my modlist :)

1. Download the latest ENBseries
2. From the WrapperVersion of the ENB folder, copy and paste the d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll files into your Skyrim SE directory
3. Download my preset and paste all the contents into your Skyrim directory and overwrite
4.Change this line in SkyrimPrefs.ini:
5.This preset is fully customizable through the GUI.


Bethesda for this awesome Game
Boris for ENB
- Marty MCFly for ENB DOF and Lightroom shaders 
- Tapioks for DNI ENBEFFECT.FX modification
- Kingeric1992 for  SMAA 1X 

PhoenixFabricio helping with my ENB
Lonely Kitsune helped with adding SMAA 
The Sandvich Maker and Adyss for the skin shaders


 to any person who helped me with this,
 inspire me in the ENB design,
 gave Feedback or Endorsed it!

I hope I mentioned everyone who deserves it!

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