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A port of the mod, Keepsakes, from Classic to SSE. This is a fully configurable mod that allows you to mark items as "keepsakes" so you don't sell or drop them accidentally.

Permissions and credits
This is my unofficial port of this mod by Mattiewagg and it is a great mod that now is fully functional in SSE. In the comments of the original post Mattiewagg gives full permission for anyone attempting to port the mod so here it is.

Read the original mod description if you want the full experience. I'll briefly summarise the features here:

- Allows you to set items as "Keepsakes" using a configurable hotkey 
- "Keepsakes" will not be sold or dropped straight away, instead a prompt will come up on the screen asking if you really want to do this
- Optional Disarming option where if you are disarmed, for example by a draugr deathlord, it will ask you if you want to lose your weapon
- Full configuration available through an MCM menu to allow you to set your preferences and keybinds easily

If you have any questions, first check the original mod page and it's F.A.Q. for the answers and then ask here.

SKSE64 is required for the mod to work
SkyUI is required for the MCM Menu to work

Simple, use a mod manager of your choice, I recommend MO2.

Manually: Just place the files in the zip folder into your Skyrim Data folder and activate the ESP in the launcher

Mattiewagg for the original mod, all I did was port it.