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updated and SSE compatible version from my UNP conversion of ECHOs dbarmour.

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Oldrim version (without update 1.2):

After figuring out yesterday how to add TBBP and optimise for SSE, I decided to get back to my UNP conversion of ECHO's dbamour and convert it too. Only the "more feminine shape" has been updated here.
Version 1.2 (SSE version) has fixed some clipping issues (skin should no longer clip trough the armour).
Version 1.2 also has SSE optimised meshes (I think. Outfit Studio asked if I wanted to make them SSE optimised and I said yes).
Version 1.2 is now also in need of XPMSSE with TBBP/HDT. Make sure there is a TBBP/HDT skeleton installed!

Will you make this change/edit/extra version?
Short answer: No.
Longer answer: Generally I make mods because I want to have something in my game, and when I think it might be nice for others and is bug-save enough not to cause too much drama I upload here. Because of this, I rarely make edits just because others want different versions, and mods are distributed as is. That being said, very small things I can do quick I sometimes do none the less. You're also always free to suggest, if I like the suggestion I might as well do it even if it's more complex to do. Just don't expect me to.

What about a non-TBBP version?
Just install the skeleton without installing animations/physics if you want no bouncing breast...

Known issues
I don't know of any, but I only tested quickly. Of course, feel free to report bugs if you find them.

Just drag and drop into the data folder, overite when asked.
Should work with NMM, but I never tested it. I strongly encourage people to learn manual modding. Takes some time to learn, but once you got it, a world of possibilities will open, and most mistakes you need mod managers for to fix will not be made or fixed in seconds because you know what you do and what happens in the files ;).

delete added files from your data folder.
Same story about NMM as in the installation tab.

A UNP compatible skin texture

Caliente: for the amazing Bodyslide2 which made this mod posible
ECHO: she made the original and beautiful meshes in the first place