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Tired of the same old dwemer and nordic ruins? Try this mod for more variety!

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Google's New Lore Friendly Dungeon(s)

Are you tired of the same old Dwemer, Nordic, cave,  and fort dungeons in vanilla Skyrim? Do you want some more variety for your adventuring hero? Well you've come to the right place. This mod (currently in beta) plans to add numerous lore-friendly dungeons with unique tilesets for your Skyrim plundering pleasure.

As a beta, the current version adds a new (small) dungeon in the Rift in the Morrowind-dwemer style and a medium sized Ayleid ruin south of Falkreath. More dungeons are currently being worked on, including but not limited to:

  • Morrowind style Dwemer ruins near the Morrowind and Hammerfell borders
  • Ayleid ruins near the Cyrodiil border
  • Crypts near the High Rock and Cyrodiil borders
  • Velothi and Daedric ruins near the Morrowind border
  • One or two Akaviri ruins scattered throughout Skyrim

The beta has been uploaded here to gather feedback from beyond /r/skyrimmods, so give any feedback you can!

The first dungeon included is a dungeon south of Stendarr's Beacon (southeast of Riften) called Tchand.

The second dungeon included is an Ayleid ruin southeast of Falkreath called Hema.

Let me know what you think, and happy adventuring!

Bethesda for making such an awesome game
David Brasher and Enter_77 for Morrowind Dwemer Resources
Imperial Society for Ayleid Ruins Building Kit -Resources-
meo3000 for Meos Ayleid Clutter - Resource
MihailMods for his various creatures.
InsanitySorrow for Insanity's Dwemer Clutter