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Noldor content pack, with preinstalled fix for bows and arrows.

This is an old mod that I enjoy. The mods content for crafting the bows and arrows didn't work, and the fix was only posted for ordinary Skyrim users. So I believe that others might enjoy, what I have, and it will be an easier way to Install it for my self later on.

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original mod:

All content from the Original mod is included only added the hotfix from the skyrim mod and optimized files with SSE NIF Optimizer.

Only need this file to install everything.

previous post of mine with description of what I have done, and then just repacked the files to work in Nexus Mod Manager.
Post from original SSE mod 

this is not of my own making and I don't want any credit I have only gathered some things and made them more accessible to us.
hope every one will enjoy the mod

I have been playing with the textures of this mod because i wanted to brighten the swords bows and the Noldor armor and bring out the decorations and details of wear and tear.
It is downloadable now as a separate file. this means that you switch out the main file with the brighter version, if you wish it I might be able to brighten the other armors.

Because of some help from the Forum, this mod is now updated with a format 44 esp file, thanks to rik2236