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Hashire is your loyal steed. He can walk on water, has infinite stamina and is fully customisable. Hashire is a very intelligent horse that comes in many forms, each with their own unique stats, abilities and skills. Play strategically or aesthetically. Change his hides, effects and armor to create a horse that truly suits your playstyle!

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
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  • French
Please note that I have left a personal message at the bottom of the mod description, I really want people to read it. This mod took me a significant portion of my free time, reading that will take a few minutes of yours. 

Hashire is designed to be completely customisable, intelligent and entirely unique. A horse that is useful, great for roleplay and generally worth having around, a true companion. Hashire at his core is essential with the ability to walk on water and will not cause you to become detected by enemies or set off traps. He will level infinitely with the player and almost every aspect of him can be changed to suit you. He has no official backstory or quest and is aimed mostly at people who enjoy roleplaying and/or adding some strategy to their games. Your Hashire can be unique to you and your gameplay. 

Hashire can be used strategically. Each form of Hashire has it's own strengths, weaknesses and skills. This will be covered in more detail in the appropriate sections. The more tactical features will not get in the way of casual gameplay, they are intended so that you can create "builds" if you wish. I have tried to create a balance between more immersive, intelligent horse behaviour whilst also creating a horse that has a very magical basis. Aesthetics may not always be the sole reason for your selections. These builds are not just for Hashire, but also for your character! 

There is no quest. When you first start the mod, Hashire will appear by following you if you are outside. He can also be summoned using the spell you get. I could never put up photos of every possible Hashire combination, therefore I encourage users to try for themselves and upload photos of their favourite for others to see if they wish!

Advanced Customisation

You can change the very fibre of Hashire's being not only aesthetically but even behaviours. The config spell will allow you to choose what Hashire looks like whereas the behaviours book will allow you to change the more core aspects of the horse such as the essential status, follow distance, aggression and whether he should help you out in combat or be an utterly useless coward that flees at the sight of a mudcrab. 


Hashire has a number of effects to choose from that are purely visual. These increase aesthetic customisation without altering any horse abilities/str/weaknesses. Some effects can't be used together, on skeletal Hashire or with the ebony horse armor for example. They just stop being visible. Screenshots of all effects in screenshot below. Try out the different combinations, see what suits you! 



Hashire comes with a custom, intelligent AI system that allows for more strategic outdoor combat and intelligent following. He will follow at a close distance, but not "too close". When you sneak, he will hold position and ignore combat. This will allow you to sneak into an enemy location and kill them or whatever else, without having him 10 steps behind. If you then stand up and choose to go guns blazing, he will resume following you and initiate combat with any hostiles. This could be used strategically in places like forts where you need to sneak in, open the front gate and then attack. Hashire will also attack when commanded. He can stay put in one place (and ignore combat) until summoned. If his health is low, he will flee from combat temporarily to recover. If you choose to ride another horse, he will follow.

Note: If you change his confidence/assistance/aggression, Hashire's response to combat may change considerably. Combat may be initiated if he is commanded to attack, but he may not retaliate and may flee instead. Be mindful of the consequences of changing these settings if you intend to use him in combat!


Hashire has 10 hides to choose from. Each unique horse hide (highlighted in table) has a unique ability. All hides also have unique attacks that they will use in combat. Some hides being less offensive and more supportive. They each also come with unique stats, resistances and weaknesses. Starting HP is the base HP they would have at level 1. The Haflinger hide will only heal when the player is at low health and only when the horse is engaging in combat. Non-Unique horse tend to have higher starting HP and combat regen. This is to be more balanced and make up for them having no abilities whilst still making them worthwhile from a tactical perspective, particularly if you choose to make Hashire killable. All resistances/weaknesses (other than silver and otherwise stated) are 30%.

Saddles and armours

Hashire can wear either a saddle or armour at one time, not both. Saddles and armour have very different benefits. Whilst saddles grant a speed multiplier, armour makes them better in combat by improving their health. This also allows Hashire to be more useful in combat - he can take more damage before fleeing/dying. However, armours also come with strengths and weaknesses to balance and prevent being too OP'd. This is something to take into consideration when deciding on the best saddle/armor. Boosting health/resistance can be greatly helpful, but the weaknesses the horse takes on may end up crippling your strategy, making him useless as a supporting ally if he sustains too much damage. Stacking up a huge weakness to fire and expecting him to take down a room full of fire-wielding mages will not go well for you. RIP.

Each (non-vanilla) saddle or armour also have their own set of unique effects for Hashire and the player. Saddles are generally better for travel and non-combat things, but armour is often far better for combat. Some saddles are intended for combat and no matter what Hashire is wearing, he will always be ready for combat - whether you create "builds" is entirely your choice. This is a feature that is significant enough to make a difference to your gameplay if you want it, but not enough that it will become an annoyance if you are purely into aesthetics. If you are preparing for a battle and enjoy the idea of builds then you'll want to change the horse's gear to get an edge!

The table below lists all horse armours and saddles along with their stats. Blue are saddles, Green are armours and Yellow are Vanilla.


Install manually or with NMM, place after CH/IH. Place patches lower than their respective mods.


Hashire has his own intelligent framework so issues may arise when used alongside other horse mods involving AI - I will patch for them if necessary, but this is something to be aware of. He works fine with things like AFT, provided he isn't being managed by them. Consider him as very standalone and your own personal mount (don't give him to a follower). If you find any incompatibilities then please report them so I can patch. 
IHSS and any other standalone mounts should be compatible.
Immersive Horses - Had reports this works fine without a patch, however, listing as potentially needing a patch for now.
Convenient Horses - See optional files for the patch. 
Skyrim Horses Renewal - Animations should work fine but full compatibility will need testing. 

Known Issues

When the outfit is changed, the player ability is not immediately added (note: many are not visible under active effects) - cast config spell again and just go straight to "done" to fix this. Occasionally there is a delay in the sneak mechanic AI. If ever there are issues within the mod (not arising from conflicts) there is a debug section in the behaviours book that can help. If you find an issue report it so I can fix it.
If CH quest is incomplete when Hashire is loaded, he may not support you in combat until CH quest is complete.

Future Plans

  • New hides
  • New saddles/armors
  • Better/more unique skills for player
  • OOT style Epona hide and matching saddle/armor. *This may take a while, nifs and textures are not my skills.
  • MCM 
  • Quite a few very special things. Keep a look out for updates and maybe "add ons"... 

I am not currently planning to release on Oldrim. This project was quite draining because of the reasons behind it so I am not rushing to re-do everything. However, this does not mean I will never do it! 



This mod would not have been possible without the use of assets from the following:

Horse Armors SSE by mystikhybrid, ported by amoveve

Unicorn - The Steed of Hircine by OpusGlass

Swift Steeds New Light Breed Horses Replacer by Fierymarigold (Unicorn credits)

Realistic Primitive Horse Breeds - 2k by KrittaKitty (Unicorn credits)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt Red for the horn model (Unicorn credits)

Zombie Horse by Mihail

Realistic Horse Breeds by KrittaKitty, ported by minngarm

More Saddles by Laup26, ported by azzendix 

About this mod

"Hashire" in Japanese I believe means to run, in the sense of to keep moving forward/never stop. I am not Japanese, but I am trying to learn the language. Any natives are free to correct me on this! The mod is entirely written in English, aside from the book cover. I actually got the name whilst re-watching an old favourite anime series and planning the concept of the horse. The opening theme of the anime is below, the manga series is far better!  

This last part may be more difficult and lengthy to read, but I strongly encourage it. [Spoiler tagged due to content]

Click here:

Hashire is dedicated to a very good friend who passed away, but also intended by namesake as a reminder for people who are going through personal struggles to keep moving forward. That it can almost always get better. You are not alone. For anyone in a dark place right now: keep moving forward and keep trying to focus on and do things you enjoy or that matter. Humour is also a great coping mechanism.

My friend passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly, in October 2016. Just less than a week after her 24th birthday. This was due to a chronic condition that I have myself. She is the third person I have known die as a result of epilepsy. It was controlled as far as everyone knew, unlike mine. She had not had a seizure since she was about 17. I was going through a rough time anyway and it really affected me. I was in a very dark place, alone and surrounded by people that effectively told me to just get over it. She was one of the most stubborn people I have had the pleasure of knowing. She taught me that despite having vastly different lives, beliefs, attitudes and views; you can still be very good friends. A lesson that I feel is largely lost on many people. If she were alive, there are a lot of things I would want to say, but the most important is: Thank you, for everything, and I miss you... 

Why a horse?

In reality, I have never actually had much to do with horses. We'd both been to an event in around 2012 and our families coincidentally took us to the same pub. I hate social occasions so I'd hid myself up some remote corner, playing Mario Kart on my 3DS hoping nobody would bother me. All of a sudden, I end up meeting this really nice blonde girl who also happens to be playing Mario Kart. She ended up giving me her contact details after a few hours of playing together. We then ended up going to the same university and seeing each other almost every day. Mario Kart became our thing, I would stay at her place and we could sit there for hours just playing together. I am usually quite an introverted person, quite reserved. I didn't really take any selfies, let alone selfies with other people. I didn't expect her to die and so I had nothing really to remember her by when she did. All I really had was her Mii on my 3DS. Just a tiny piece of data that means more than I can say. Something that I could lose so easily and never be able to get back. Having that Mii made me feel like a piece of her was still with me. That we could still play together, even after she was gone.

I guess I don't really have a good reason other than "because Mario kart" (Horse and cart? Races?) and having another special piece of data that I am far less likely to suddenly lose. I associate horses with being loyal and stubborn like she was. I wanted something symbolic. As for why I made it so magical, simply because she loved Harry Potter so much. It was a huge part of her life and I wanted to reflect that in some sense. I didn't create a special quest for him because she just appeared and then existed in my life. It felt like fate, which is why it hurt so much more when she was gone.

A final word...

Epilepsy itself is not rare but can be a very serious condition, with potentially fatal consequences. Unfortunately, this topic is not something that is ever really discussed. It is often something people find out can happen when it does happen. This isn't a problem limited to someone that has seizures many times every day. It's often sudden, too late to do anything and you don't get to say goodbye or really come to terms it. They're just gone.

You might be thinking "this is not relevant to me" or that it's not a relatively big problem. However, there are many different types of epilepsy and anyone at any age can develop it. There is no cure. This may not personally affect you now (or hopefully ever) but epilepsy is something that could affect a friend, a loved one or even a stranger who needs your help one day. Getting diagnosed, taking precautions, receiving treatment (and taking correctly) and the public being generally more aware of epilepsy and first aid will help reduce risks of death and injury. Plus, less people making unbelievably (almost comically) ignorant remarks is always good. For anyone willing to learn more: Epilepsy Action is a great educational resource and SUDEP Action (First Aid page) has some good information on first aid.

This was very difficult for me to write, but I felt it was important. I genuinely hope it helps someone or brings awareness to the issues raised. Thank you for reading.

Thank you to everyone who helped Hashire reach Hot Mods!!

I have a discord community - I extend the claw of welcome to anyone who would like to join: