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Bard, Hunter, Big Game, Traveler and Knight Saddles for all explorers and adventurers. Get off your feet, take up the reins and aim for the horizon. Nothing can stop you when you and your trusty stead are ready for it all. More Saddles brings you four more saddles to further customize your horse for the journeys ahead.

Permissions and credits
This is a port of the More Saddles mod (version V0.5), created by Laup26.

More Saddles SSE
This mod replaces new saddles to the horse from each city.


5 Main Saddles
1. Bard Saddle: Equipped to the Horses sold at Solitudes Stables.
A good well-rounded saddle for Bard/Minstrel/Ambassador/Cleric on long travels over both wilderness and roads. Brings along all the supplies needed for a long trip. Sturdy and well stocked with what any traveler could need for a nice trip along the countryside.

2. Traveler Saddle: Equipped to the Horses sold at Markarth Stables
The every man's travel pack, Bed Roll, Food Sack, Tankard, and Mead. What more do you need you might ask? Nothing. Easy to back up and move to any horse. You might not be ready for everything but at least you will get there on time. 

3. Hunter Saddle: Equipped to the Horses sold at Windhelm Stables.
A Hunters/Trappers/Trackers/Rangers best friend(Along with his horse). Stocked with extra arrows and some supplies. Lightweight and reliable. Good for those sort one, two-day hunting trips to the week-long slog through the dense woodlands/prairies/marshes in search of even larger game.

4. Big Game Hunter Saddle: Equipped to the Horses sold at Whiterun Stables.
A Poachers/Hunters/Bounty Hunters/ Trackers Best showcase, Stocked with trophies of victories against a large array of monsters, from trolls to dragons, to dragon priests to mammoths. Stocked with a barrel of Mead and a large tankard for your drinking pleasure. 

5. Knight Saddle: Equipped to the Horses sold at the Riften Stables.
A Knights/Swordsman/Warrior/Templar/Sellswords best friend, Plenty of space to carry a large array of gear, from your armor to your blades. Even some potions and mead. Ready to lead the charge into battle or lead to adventures unknown. Be ready for any battle, with the Knight Saddle.

Optional Saddle(Replace Main Saddle)
Dawnguard Saddle: Equipped with some vampire hunting gear and armored for combat against the undead.
The Vampire Hunters best friend, loaded down with equipment such as; Crossbow with bolts, Hunters Hand Axe and Heavy Sun Shield used in the purging of the Vampires and their minions. This saddle has you ready for all vampire hunting needs. Strong but still flexible this layer of armor gives the horse a vastly superior protection in battle.


Simply download and install with mod manager.

Basic troubleshooting

My horse doesn't use new saddle from this mod.
It happened to me once because I installed this mod while my character was riding the horse.
This solution is simple.
1. Unmount. 
2. Open the console and left-click the horse. 
3. Type "disable", hit enter. 
4. Type "enable", hit enter. 
5. Close console.

Recommended mod

Realistic Horse Breeds by KrittaKitty
 - Improve model and texture of all horses.

Mod Information

Re-save mod in CK-SSE: Yes
Clean mod with SSEEdit: Yes
Convert meshes with NIF Optimizer: Yes
Check textures format with NifScan: Yes


- Original author of More Saddles
sedryn - Saddle texture from Ornate Saddles for Traveler Saddle, Hunter Saddle, and Big Game Hunter Saddle.
ousnius - SSE NIF Optimizer for converting meshes and also help me fix meshes problems .
ElminsterAU and SSEEdit team - SSEEdit. An advanced tool for analyzing and editing Bethesda's game plugins.
zilav - NifScan for checking texture format.
All NifSkope Developers - NifSkope