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Adds 3 tiers of vanilla bound weapons.

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The vanilla bound weapons have always felt underwhelming. That's why there's a plethora of mods out there trying to fix them. Here's my take on it.

Bound weapons now come in 3 tiers:

Lesser Bound Dagger       - Novice - Dmg: 6 ; Mystic: 10
Lesser Bound Sword         - Novice - Dmg: 9 ; Mystic: 14
Lesser Bound BattleAxe   - Apprentice - Dmg: 17 ; Mystic: 22
Lesser Bound Bow            - Apprentice - Dmg: 12 ; Mystic: 18

Greater Bound Dagger      - Apprentice - Dmg: 11 ; Mystic: 15
Greater Bound Sword        - Apprentice - Dmg: 15 ; Mystic:20
Greater Bound BattleAxe  - Adept - Dmg: 25 ; Mystic: 30
Greater Bound Bow           - Adept - Dmg: 18 ; Mystic: 24
True Bound Dagger           - Adept - Dmg: 16 ; Mystic: 20
True Bound Sword            - Adept - Dmg: 21 ; Mystic: 26
True Bound BattleAxe       - Expert - Dmg: 33 ; Mystic: 38
True Bound Bow                - Expert - Dmg: 24 ; Mystic: 30

I tried to stay as close to vanilla as possible.

The new spell tomes are added to the leveled lists.

The Lesser and Greater variants lasts the same as in vanilla while the True variants are effectively permanent(999days duration).


Perk Overhauls = These should theoretically be compatible since everything added are based on vanilla (tested and verified to work with Ordinator)

Other mods that add to the leveled lists = create a bashed patch to resolve any conflicts.

Note: If another mod makes changes to the vanilla bound weapon spells, making a bashed patch might revert the names back to vanilla e.g. "Greater Bound Bow" will revert to just "Bound Bow"


Use your preferred mod manager or drop file into the Data folder.