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Mod Organizer plugin to delete orphaned script extender co-saves

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Orphaned Script Extender Save Deleter
Mod Organizer plugin to delete orphaned script extender co-saves. Works with both global and profile-specific saves.

Why you'd want this
SKSE64 has a bug/missing feature where its co-saves do not get deleted when the game deletes autosaves, leaving your saves directory filled with useless extra files. This removes those.

If you've deleted some saves manually but left the co-saves around, this will also tidy those up. This will work with any game Mod Organizer supports.

This doesn't do the same thing as SKSE's ClearInvalidRegistrations feature or other save cleaning tools. Annoyingly, there are two issues which sound similar: orphaned references to removed scripts within save files, and orphaned co-saves which aren't deleted when the main save is.

Just put the .py file in your Mod Organizer plugins directory.

Choose this plugin from the Mod Organizer Tools dropdown and click 'Okay' until it's done, reading the text that pops up if you feel like doing that, too.

Translations can be installed by putting the relevant .qm file in your Mod Organizer plugins directory.

Complete translations:
  • Polish by Yoosk
  • Spanish by fiama and TehPsychedelic
  • German by Faron
  • Portugues by bruno_galdino
  • French by G_k
  • Italian by Brezza TM

Translating this
This plugin can be translated online at If you wish to provide a translation for a new language, there should be an option to request a language on that page. Once translations are complete, I'll process them and include them with the next release.

Creating your own MO plugins
There's a guide for creating your own Mod Organizer plugins at Now Python support has been improved, it should just about be within the reach of regular users, so consider giving it a try.