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Changes the meshes for burnt rubble to use textures from mindflux's Embers HD mod. Great fix for the weird orange glow caused by Iconic's Woodfires!

Permissions and credits

Although I love playing with Iconic's Woodfires, the textures have an odd side effect in that they make long-cooled burned rubble glow bright orange and generally not look very good. This is because the default meshes for this rubble use an odd assortment of textures to achieve the vanilla look of slightly-glowing burnt wood. This mod modifies the meshes for burnt rubble to use textures from mindflux's Embers HD mod instead, achieving a thoroughly charred and cooled look for Helgen and other locations.

The base mod does not include or replace any texture files. It only modifies texture assignments in the mesh. The glowing alternative mod adds one glow map.

Requirements & Recommendations

Embers HD - required for textures

Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM) - recommended

Enhanced Textures Detail (UV-Tweaks) - recommended


Manual: Unzip the contents into your Data folder. Overwrite any conflicting files.

Mod Manager: Install with your favorite mod manager. Overwrite any conflicting files. (MO2 users: make sure this mod has a higher priority than other mesh-modifying mods such as SMIM or Enhanced Textures Detail.)


This mod is compatible with mods that change campfires and woodfires, such as Iconic's Woodfires. It is not compatible with mods that change the meshes for burnt rubble, though it is intended to overwrite mods like SMIM and Enhanced Textures Detail.


This mod uses meshes from Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM) by Brumbek and from Enhanced Textures Detail (UV-Tweaks) by Some_Random_Guy_83. Both have given open permission to use their meshes.

Meshes modified with NifSkope.

Glow map created with Gimp 2 based on mindflux's texture.