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Well, here are my take on Snake Plissken ( acted by Kurt Russel ) from the Escape from New York and The Escape from LA movies.
Due to the limitations of the mods you will have to live with that my version isn't a 100% look a like. But still I hope he is recognizable?

Permissions and credits
You just need the Enhanced Character Edit mod and the latest Immersive armors mod. The latter for the eye patch.
Snake, own Breezehome and have 5000 Septims in his purse.

As I run the Live another life mod, you wont have to do the main quest. So you can decide Snakes agenda as you like.

If you want a AK47, AR 14 or an M4 carbine rifle for him? Check this mod out:

I wouldn't recommend you to use the shotgun though. The loading and fireing are unreliable.

If you want to up the weapon stats? Then download this:

It's a really handy tool! Not only for weapons but for armor, clothes and spells too.

Happy gaming!