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Allows you to see your player character in the inventory screen. Equipment changes will reflect on character in real time.

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28.5.2018: 1.22 Released. Unfortunately I did not have a lot of time to test out the VR version, so you're going to have to be my little guinea pigs. Please report any bugs you encounter to the relevant section in the mod page. This way it's easier to keep track of things. Keep up the excellent bug reports, I will try and address all of them when I have the time.

Important info:

Requires SKSE VR, download from here. Remember to get the VR version. 


This mod allows you to view your character in the inventory screen with the pose and equipment your character model has. Equipment changes also get reflected on the character model in real time. 


Version 1.22
- The invisible player clone will now be launched way up in space during combat to avoid interfering with the world and messing up the AI. Notably dragons.
- Reverted some control stuff back to the way it was in 1.1, might resolve some issues with people getting the clone to show up upon entering the menu.
- Fixed UI blocking control when starting the game. Mod should now work without the playroom fix.

Version 1.21
- Fixed map opening.
- Fixed clone popping in and out of existence in front of player when changing cells.
- Fixed clone showing up when switching equipment in containers.
- Potential fix to hostiles trying to attack the invisible clone floating in the sky and causing their AI to go bonkers. Requires more testing. Please report if you notice any weird AI behavior.

Version 1.2:
- Main Feature: Player copy now mirrors the pose player has when entering the menu.
- Fixed the annoying elevation changes, no longer does the copy snap into navmesh in random places.
- Added more configuration options, including scale and height. Helmets can now be toggled on and off. Added and tweaked some presets. I Will be adding many more when I start testing out the various UI mods(if they are even working in VR yet). Use the provided configuration tool to tweak it to your liking.
- When installing the mod for the first time, you have to activate it by using the configuration tool. Updating is done automatically, but to be 100% sure there are no rogue variables, you should use the configuration tool and use the "Reset Mod" option.

Version 1.1:

- Added a configuration tool. Allows you to tweak character clone offsets, choose offset from pre-existing ones and reset the mod. You can find the configuration spell in your powers menu. Mod currently defaults to left side preset, if you prefer the old one, you can find it in the presets menu. There are still some issues with uneven terrain. I'll start working on those next.

- Added some extra checks to start the quest properly. Requires testing. 

Version 1.0:

- Initial release

How it works:

Via the magic of SKSE and a bit of scripting, when opening the inventory screen, spawns a fully equipped clone of yourself for your viewing pleasure.

Coming next / Known bugs:

- Possible issues with werewolf / vampire transformations, will investigate.

- Will add a configuration setting to set the initial rotation for the clone. After that, I'll look into adding rotation of the character model in the menu.

- Only armor changes update real time in the menu for now. After changing weapons, you should be able to see the pose and weapons you have next time you access the menu.

- Unfortunately the copy still reverts to the t-pose animation after changing armor. I managed to fix it, but it was causing random crashes, so I had to disable the fix for this patch. 

- Your character gets undressed the first time you boot this mod into your save. Not a high priority on my list but will fix eventually.

- Please post all your suggestions and ideas to the talk page or Reddit. If you have a good idea that will make VR more immersive or interesting, chances are, I will probably make it into a mod.

For non-VR players:

If you are interested, this mod also works in regular Skyrim SE. If you enjoy playing in first person and don't want to scroll to 3rd person every time you make some visual changes to your character, or maybe you are just nostalgic for that oblivion style character menu, this might be the mod for you. Check the included screenshots for non-VR and drop a comment if you would like to see it refined into being better suited for non-VR.


No known compatibility issues right now.