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This mod will place more markers in taverns to better allow npcs to sandbox in them.

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Reason for reupload:
The person who did the first port "InAComaDial999" took down all his mods/ports for personal reasons.

Description from original mod:

So you've downloaded Interesting NPC's, Inconsequential NPC's, Patrols, Travelers and you have the Populated series going on.  You love having lots of NPC's. But then when you go into the tavern at night, you see it; all of them huddled together by the door because there are not enough available objects and markers with which they can interact.  This attempts to alleviate that issue; it places more markers to allow npc's more options to sandbox in inns.  This also allows innkeepers to eat while they are working, because they get hungry, too.

Compatible with Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul (and highly recommended, make sure my mod is immediately below it)
Compatibility version (1.1a and above) can be placed anywhere in the load order

Instructions: Drop the file in your skyrim data folder and make sure it is selected in your load order or mod organizer


  • Untouched
Volkihar castle, Jorvaskarr, Dragon Bridge, Kynesgrove, Rorikstead, Soljund's Sinkhole, Fort Dunstad, Ragged Flagon, The Katariah

  • Slightly improved

  • Improved
All the taverns in the large holds

  • Finished
Bannered Mare (Whiterun), Candlehearth Hall (Windhelm), Silver-Blood Inn (Markarth), Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood), Windpeak Inn (Dawnstar), Winking Skeever (Solitude)