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  1. mnikjom
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    Compatible list:


    Compatible || Semi-Compatible || Incompatible
    Grass mods
    Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods
    Useful Ritual Stone
    Ritual Stone Buff (Skyrim SE)
    SSE Standing Stones Overhaul
    Tsundak's Standing Stone Effects
    Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim
    The Notice Board SE
    Immersive Patrols SE
    OBIS SE - Organized Bandits In Skyrim Special Edition
    Populated Skyrim Civil War SE Edition
    Bound Arrows

    Immersive Fallen Trees SSE
    Interesting NPCs
    Whiterun Valley
    Farmhouse Chimneys
    Skyrim Chimneys
    Castle Valdmire (SE)
    Skyrim 3D Trees
    Tel Mos
    Forgotten Dungeons (SSE)
    Pathfinders - Immersive Followers of Skyrim
    Cats in Skyrim
    Darkburned Blade
    Dragons Keep SSE
    More Clutter in Skyrim
    Colorful Magic by 184Gesu SE
    Hessian Sword
    Void Walk
    Oriel the Fire Mage - A Stand Alone Follower Mod
    Amazing Follower Tweaks SE

    Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks SE
    Another Vampire Leather Armor
    Oblivion Artifact Pack SE
    Zerofrost Mythical Armors and Dragon
    Imperial Halbeards and Polearms
    Da Boys - SSE
    Extra Guards SE
    Outlaws and Revolutionaries - Quest Mod Plus
    Open Civil War SSE
    Killable Generals
    Generic Faction Followers
    Skyrim Civil War Quartermasters
    Skyrim Civil War Healers
    Skyrim Civil War Commanders
    Civil War Equipment Organization.
    Civil War Quartermasters
    Cloaks and Capes
    Heljarchen Farm - Skyrim Special Edition - Skyrim Reborn must be loaded after Heljarchen Farm
    The Great  Forest of Whiterun Hold - use console command "disable"
    Whiterun Forest Borealis - use a patch 
    Graule's Revenge (A White River Watch Overhaul)
    More Smelters
    Invasion of Skyrim - The Force Awakens - Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Place of Power
    Ancient Falmer Ruins and Keeps (The Shrines of Auriel)
    Civil War Battlefields
    Power Stones of Skyrim - Special Edition
    Hamvir the Ghost Follower SSE - included

  2. Tetrol88
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    Odd problem  - 100% game freezes in Broken Fang Cave, seems related to NPCs previously not causing issues.
    Over the last few weeks have had a 100% incidence of game freezing in Broken Fang Cave. Have had this mod updated since Oct 2022, and been through since then. Updated Dungeons Revisited in January and thought that would be the culprit. As there was no actual ctd, I had no crash log to go by.
    I "initially disabled" every npc, vanilla and mod added (4 mods) in the cell. Went in, no game freeze, previously 100%. Added back the npcs one mod at a time and it was when I added the "Broken Fang Vampires" from this mod I resumed game freezes. Confirmed on several times putting them in and then out again.

    I can only guess they are having some odd cross referencing issue - I see they have >150 perks each and am wondering if it is when they use some ability/perk - I noticed the more of them I had active, the faster the freeze tended to happen. With all 6, freeze in about 1 minute. 3 of them, after several minutes and with one, I almost cleared the dungeon. Replaced them all with the standard "levelled vampire" using my levelled lists and ran the dungeon twice with no issue. 
  3. DastanDavinci
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    How come I can loot the containers in Whitewatch Tower? They have ownership in the CK, but not in the game world. I've never heard of becoming friends with the guard faction and I certainly didn't do anything to become their friend.
  4. Exidrial
    • supporter
    • 2 kudos
    Great mod but the difficulty is completely broken.
    This mod adds way too many, sometimes way too overleveled enemies. This causes immense difficulty spikes for no apparent reason.
  5. DexTheDead
    • member
    • 0 kudos
    Anyway you could make a fomod file. Having compatibility issues with skyrim border holds and camps re-covered. specifically with halted stream camp and whitewatch tower. I'm a modding noob so if anyone has made patches for these please lmk!
  6. UncreativePontiff
    • premium
    • 102 kudos
    Is there a way to remove the vampires at broken fang? They're extremely overleveled and there's a ton of them in what is basically a very early game area.
  7. RobMPyre
    • member
    • 3 kudos
    Is there a changelog for 1.1.7? Thanks!
    Edit: Now there is - thanks again.
  8. djunedahmed
    • supporter
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    if i may ask, i use Whiterun Forest Borealis...and your link to the patch is direct me to Lexy's LOTD modlist, and the patch is nowhere to be found...any workaround for this ? i assume the patch will be for tree placement, but i'm not sure...
    1. Tetrol88
      • premium
      • 47 kudos
      I use both - and no patch - and haven't found anything much to worry about - a few trees floating a foot (30cm) or so just on the North side of Sleeping Tree camp is about it.
    2. djunedahmed
      • supporter
      • 0 kudos
      cool, thanx for confirmation...only visited few places to check, also no trouble so only concern probably is navmesh or ground tearing, i can live with something
  9. Binak
    • member
    • 1 kudos
    I just want to tell you that I love you mod and I always try to keep it on my mod list. Now I am attempting a VR run, let's see how it goes.
  10. JollyFrost
    • member
    • 1 kudos
    Does your mod works with le one. Cuz this mod's beautiful

    Glad to be informed 
  11. Lunixario
    • member
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    Hello! :)

    I'm sorry if this was asked before but...
    Is there a way to just have Lemina Mortis follower mod? 
    I know about Umbra, but I like Lemina more.

    Thank you
    1. golivie
      • premium
      • 50 kudos
      Everything is listed in the description.