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  1. Vinicam
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    Can't get this to work. The files are all in the right places, I did the setup for windows, but nothing happens in game.
  2. nsfwstuff
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    Is there a way to set up a voice command to unequip items from you hands? I looked around but I can't find anything.
  3. Deadbr0ther
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    Is there a way to remover punctuation from speech recognition because in French we put a space before the question mark like this "Qu'avez vous à vendre ?" so for the speech to be recognized I have to say "Qu'avez vous à vendre point d'interrogation" ("What do you have to sell question mark") and I guess it's the fact the question mark is separated that is the issue because it think it's a word for some reason, it's very unimmersive lol.

    EDIT :
    In the INI I changed
    normalizeReplacement=" "
    Which will exclude question marks and exclamation point.
  4. Pux0r
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    Hey I can't seem to get this mod running for myself. I followed the install instructions and it looks like everything is in place in the plugins folder but when I recite dialogue lines it doesn't seem to work. I did set up speech recognition so I don't know what I did wrong. And I have shadowman's DLL loader in there and everything. Help would be greatly appreciated. I'm running the Skyrim SE version.
    1. pcgenie
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      same here
  5. catmesomeslack
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    Wow this is a fantastic mod in VR (haven't played flatrim). I oftentimes like to turn off hud elements and this works great for that (and many other things). Now I can say voice commands to enable them and disable them like:

    ?Turn on compass=setini "bShowCompass:Interface" 1
    Turn off compass=setini "bshowcompass:interface" 0
    Turn on enemy health bars=setini "fEnemyMetersScale:VRUI" 4.0;setini "fEnemyMetersScale_Max:VRUI" 25.0;setini "fEnemyMetersScale_Min:VRUI" 5.0
    Turn off enemy health bars=setini "fEnemyMetersScale:VRUI" 0.0;setini "fEnemyMetersScale_Max:VRUI" -.0;setini "fEnemyMetersScale_Min:VRUI" 0.0
    Turn on markers=setini "bShowQuestMarkers:GamePlay" 1
    Turn off markers=setini "bShowQuestMarkers:GamePlay" 0
    Turn on floating markers=setini "bShowFloatingQuestMarkers:GamePlay" 1
    Turn off floating markers=setini "bShowFloatingQuestMarkers:GamePlay" 0;

    Enable the overlay=setini "bShowCompass:Interface" 1;setini "fEnemyMetersScale:VRUI" 4.0;setini "fEnemyMetersScale_Max:VRUI" 25.0;setini "fEnemyMetersScale_Min:VRUI" 5.0;setini "bShowQuestMarkers:GamePlay" 1;setini "bShowFloatingQuestMarkers:GamePlay" 1
    Disable the overlay=setini "bShowCompass:Interface" 0;setini "fEnemyMetersScale:VRUI" 0.0;setini "fEnemyMetersScale_Max:VRUI" 0.0;setini "fEnemyMetersScale_Min:VRUI" 0.0;setini "bShowQuestMarkers:GamePlay" 0;setini "bShowFloatingQuestMarkers:GamePlay" 0

    Thank you so much for this mod I wish I could endorse it twice, nay three times
    1. Normence
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      Wow! Thanks for posting this. This is so useful.
    2. SlackSystem
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      I'm glad it helps! Another fewI find helpful:

      Switch Window=switchwindow; 
      (unless you have Skyrim Refocused which I strongly recommend)
      Console=switchwindow; sleep 50; tapkey ~; sleep 50
      (This one will toggle the console, if you use it, it's helpful to me because I write and patch mods)
      ?Toggle run=switchwindow;sleep 50;press F1
      Toggle walk=switchwindow;sleep 50;press F1
      (same as run but you can use both for either)

      May or may not be obvious but don't include the stuff in (parentheses)
  6. sitsky
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    Erm... help desired :)

    Any ideas why "Wuld" would stop working?

    It is recogized and all, the spellid I am using is correct...

    I found some posts that this locational shouts did not (used to) work...
    and some post that they do now... and I am pretty sure I did have it working...

    Ice=player.cast "0009caf0" player voice
    Fuse Row=player.cast "00013f39" player voice
    Would=player.cast "0002f7be" player voice

    "Ice" and "fuse row" work and

    DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.exe Information: 0 : Recognized phrase 'Would' (Confidence: 0.9451428)
    DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.exe Information: 0 : Sending command: COMMAND|player.cast "0002f7be" player voice

    And no "teleport forward" :(

    Any thoughts?
    1. sitsky
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      Would=player.equipshout "0002f7be"; press z
      Works Like a charm!
      Zoom zoom zoom! :)
      Crap no go again :( I had "Wuld" selected as my Power...

      So all roads lead to that spellid "0002f7be" being wrong...
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    Remove the "quote" marks from these records like this
    Can you sing "Ragnar the Red"?    (not like this)
    Can you sing Ragnar the Red?       (like this)

    E772D (way down at RNAM prompt)

    This is a great mod.
    (Edit: I made a mod if anyone wants the fix.)
  8. DemoWorldPlayer
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    Its worked in the past, but now the log says locale sv-SE even though I removed that language from my computer entirely. Help!
  9. sitsky
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    THANK YOU! Seriously... THANK YOU!
    The immersion of becoming Dragonborn when I say Iiz and I see that word
    flow out of my mouth freezing everything in its path... what I've been waiting for 23 years! (Turok 2 in 3D! :) )

    So for a 3rd time: Thank you!

    (Adding what I use/comments for others to try if so inclined)
    I still need to polish some things, but I think most are at my end.

    Lydia keeps coming to me a bit too much (randomly) hehehehehe 
    Lydia get here=prid "000A2C94"; moveto player;

    Sofia needs her actual "name" reset if I re-Deploy
    Sofia get back=prid "51001827"; moveto player;

    Dojo is perfect :)
    Dojo where did you go=prid "09042FF3"; moveto player;
    I have him waaaaay in the back not fighting with us, so he wanders off sometimes hehehe
    He is only with me for conversation, I like that cat!

    I need to look up how to bring them to me, but a bit shifted from my location, not right ON me.
    It's ok out of battle, but while pulling Sofia back for Lydia to retake aggro, 
    Sofia ends up in my way throwing Fireballs :)

    Also Dragon words 
    Ice=player.cast "0009caf0" player voice
    Fuse Row=player.cast "00013f39" player voice
    Are a bit too sensitive... 

    Would=player.cast "0002f7be" player voice
    IS INSANELY IMMERSIVE! ([email protected] "Boneworks is so immersive" blah blah LOL)

    I should look up how to bind in-combat "listening" to my left knuckles grip.

    I expected a lot more improvement in "definition" using NVidia Broadcast
    and doing the Speech Recognition training of windows, but meh...
    might look into that more at some point, probably I have something not properly set up.

    Half tempted to dive in the code, but I just don't want to mix business with pleasure!
    I got a slight delay in shouts executing less than 1sec, but its probably cause of the "crap" I am running and my 3080 is struggling LOL

    Did I say "thank you"? :) 

    Just in case I didn't:
  10. User1BP
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    This may have been asked and answered but... can you have a phrase to activate highlighted item, ie Door, level, chest with "Open" or a NPC with "Hello"???
    1. LolSpider
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      Yes. In your dragonbornspeaksnaturally.ini file you can scroll down to a section that details using voice commands to activate a specific key. I use it to open conversation with an NPC and quicksave the game.

      Just type the phrase you want to say followed by "=press (button)". Here's an example:

      Hey there=press e
      Quicksave now=press f5

      Hope that helps. Don't forget to remove the single semicolon right before the command to activate it.