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My Oldryim Character transferd to SkyrimSE.
It's a Savegame for player's who want to use an mage Altmer who is pretty OP and has an High Level,
while the Mainquest or Civil War Quest isn't completed,
or in the case of the Civil War quest not even started.

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Say Hello to Dinamis!

  • What is this file?

It's a Savegame!

  • What is it for?

It's a Savegame for player's who want to use an mage Altmer who is pretty OP and has an High Level.

  • Is it clean?

I only used 2 mods from the Nexus and they where Armor Mods. And a Skill mod to make character leveling and skill leveling much faster.

  • Does it use CC content?

Yes! Please don't raise your pitchforks.
They shouldn't make a problem because all the important stuff are in the vanilla player homes and you can get stuff from the CC again, when you buy the CC stuff, or you get the stuff for free in a way. ;)

  • Are all 3 Main Stories completed?

The Dragonborn Main Story is completed, not including all the side quests. The Dawnguard story is completed on the side of the Dawnguard, not including all the side quests. And the Normal Main story is not done, It's in the Chapter: "Diplomatic Immunity" so not that far.

  • What kind of Character is it?

Dinamis is an  Altmer Mage who is pretty OP and has an High Level. He is currently level 440. He is pretty good in Heavy Armour and One handed and some Stealth stuff like Sneaking but the best stuff is in his Magic.

  • Where is all the loot stored?

See the Screenshots! I wanted to keep it simple, there are 3 Houses the one in Markarth, Solstheim and Whiterun. The special stuff is only in the Solstheim home and the Whiterun home. 

  • Do I need any specific Mods?

No! :)

  • Are Mods recommended?


DCR - King Crusader Mega Pack from Angilla

Apachii Divine Elegance Store from Apachii

  • How do I install this file?

Like this: C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Saves

That's all, sorry for any bad spelling errors. I'm still learning english, it isn't my mother tongue sadly.