Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

SIS-SE adds a full set of 24 lore-friendly purchasable slingshots and 13 different ball-shaped ammo. A bosmer slingshots merchant "Linnor" can be met at Riverwood's "Lumber Mill" by day or at "Sleeping Giant Inn" by night. You can craft balls at the smelter. Slingshots use all archery perks, skills, animations and can shoot common arrows too.

Permissions and credits

Note: the basic version of the mod makes use of your own textures!
Pictures in the gallery are merely representative.
Slingshots and bags in your game can look differently.

The "leather bag" version uses his own leather texture for the bags.

CREDITS (クレジット)

A big thanks (どうもありがとう) to:

  "M"  (a.k.a. m150) - original SIS author.
DarkDominion - SSE port co-supervisor.
Arach32 - for his amazing screenshots.
BloodyStigmata - for advanced version