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A re-texture of the collectible cards you can find in the excellent Legacy of the Dragonborn. Using illustrations from the concept art created for the game, included in Skyrim's Artbook. 1K resolution.

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This mod is a re-texture/redesign of the Fate Cards, collectible items from the mod Legacy of the Dragonborn.

I've wanted to learn how to work with textures, create my on and stuff like that on Bethesda games. While I was playing the great mod from icecreamassassin I've found these fate cards, and although I was having a blast collecting them and trading with the dude in Windhelm, I was never satisfied with their aesthetics, mainly the lack of a consistency.

So  decided to start learning how to mod textures. Something simple like flat illustrations for these cards is a perfect place to start, and so I begin creating a redesign of the hole thing.

Original Design/Textures: 

Each deck had only one image for the front  of the cards (from II to X, and A J Q K  all have the same illustrations) and in the back side cards were some illustrations for each deck, but with no common theme between. 

New Ones: 

Each deck now has unique images for the front. One for the cards II to X, and different ones for each A, J, Q & K. All related by the same "theme" of each deck. There are 10 decks.


The new textures are 1k. 



Adobe Photoshop 

NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop



Illustrations are from the inspiring Elder Scrolls V: The Art of Skyrim - Official Art Book, so all the credits goes to it and to each artist involved on it's creation, and Bethesda for creating this game. 

Once again, thanks icecreamassassin for the permission, and for your awesome mod. 

The layout, borders, logo in the back side of the cards and all other PS thinkering was my idea, yay.