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Mod Ported from Skyrim LE with author's Permission. Original Mod can be found here.

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I've always used this mod for my main character since i found found for Skyrim LE so i converted it for Skyrim SE and got permission from the author to share it on the Nexus.

Copied from original mod page


Natural born hunters, blessed by Hircine himself. The Vukasin hail from a secluded and little known forest in Tamriel, where they have thrived through the ages by living off the land and its many plants and animals. Generations of living in the wilderness has granted them a great understanding of beasts, as well as a certain level of immunity to diseases and poisons. Because of their canine features, Vukasin are often confused for werewolves at first glance. For that reason many misunderstandings have arisen concerning this noble race. It is uncertain what has brought  Vukasin into Skyrim, but they are sure to make formidable allies, or enemies, for any who cross their path.

One-handed: 10
Archery: 5
Conjuration: 5
Light Armor: 5
Sneak: 5
Alchemy: 5

Ideal Player Style 
Warrior (Archer/Assassin)

I wanted to make a wolf like race without being attack by everyone in the towns or cities and this is what I ended up with. They are not overpowered I did not want to unbalance the game and I think they are lore friendly but i'm not sure on that and its my opinion.

If anyone want's to take anything from this mod or customize it and re-post it go ahead. I hate to add this fact in but there is a lot about making custom races I do not know about. I would enjoy to see what someone who know's more about making custom races could do with what little I have posted. With that out of the way I hope you have fun. 

Note on Bugs

I'm working on fixing all the problem and once I get them fix I plan on adding more content such as followers, bandits and more. Sorry for any issues that you are having.

Vukasin 0.2

Vukasin 0.2 has a better mouth, different textures and vampires. The tail has been slim down not shorten I can’t figure out a way to shorten it with out it bugging out. If you have problems changing your eyes/hair change the preset and after words you should have no problem changing eyes or hair. If you have any problems I will try and fix them if I can. Voice has been change to Nord for both male & female.

Racial Abilities: 50% Disease and Poison Resistance 
                           Claws (4x Unarmed Damage) 

Starts with the Spells:
Detect Life 

Stats are the same:
One-handed: 10
Archery: 5
Conjuration: 5
Light Armor: 5
Sneak: 5
Alchemy: 5

I'm not good at doing this kind of work or making any races wish I could do better I had lots of ideals but i'm unable to make them. If you would like a better wolf race check out the -Lykaios Race- made by KrittaKitty.

Lykaios Race