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This is a compatibility patch for Zim's Immersive Artifacts & Immersive Creatures. It will allow Nettlebane to affect all spriggans added by the Immersive Creatures mod.

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This patch is defunct, and no longer works with the newest version of ZIA. I'm not making another one. Older versions will remain on this page for use with older versions of ZIA.

I won't be using ZIA for the foreseeable future. The compatibility patches it requires for other mods I use are outdated and I'm not going to edit all of those myself. Currently, it's far more trouble than its worth, and I'll be looking for an alternative.


Nettlebane Patch -- Zim's Immersive Artifacts & Immersive Creatures

Does what it says on the tin -- allows Zim's version of Nettlebane to affect all spriggan races added by Immersive Creatures.


The 1.5 patch will allow you to harvest Cursed Spriggan Sap from defeated Spriggans of all types. Changes made in the new ZIA_Complete Pack.esp have been carried over to Bloody's Nettlebane Patch.


For 1.4 this patch will simply allow Nettlebane to work on all spriggans. You will be able to harvest Corrupted Spriggan Sap as you normally would.


Venerable spriggans will give you sap corresponding to their type.

Ancient Spriggans will give only regular spriggan sap.

Frost spriggans will give extra pinches of frost salts.

The fear enchantment on the dagger itself will now properly affect all spriggan types as well.

Pretty simple stuff.


Immersive Creatures

Zim's Immersive Artifacts (Complete Pack)
-For 1.31 you'll need "Complete Pack.esp
-for 1.4 you'll need "ZIA_Complete Pack_V4.esp"

Other Stuff

Nothing really. This is only an ESP. Install via NMM/Vortex or your mod manager of choice.

Credits to everyone involved in both the required mods.