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This mod changes the meshes of Auriel's Bow, Nordic Bow, Ancient Nord Bow, Nord Hero Bow, Drainspell Bow, Ebony Bow, Falmer Bow, Forsworn Bow, Nightingale Bow, Elven Bow and Glass Bow. There is an optional mod which adds a craftable Supple Ebony Bow. It is a modified version of CrazyLion's Ebony Bow.

Permissions and credits
Inspired by LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons SE I decided to create a mod for bows.  The intend is to fix some of the bows that are blocking too much of the target when in first person view or to change the aesthetics of the bows that have too unrealistic and disproportionate appearance.  Besides the optional Supple Ebony Bow, this mod only contains meshes, so it is compatible with other bow texture mods.  Texture mods for the regular bows will not change the textures of the optional Supple Ebony Bow.  The following is a list of the new bow meshes, with a short description of the changes.

Auriel's Bow - main portion thinner
Nordic Bow - most pieces are thinner, with handle slightly longer
Ancient Nord Bow, Nord Hero Bow, Drainspell Bow - thinner with smaller protrusions around the handle
Ebony Bow - thinner
Falmer Bow - thinner
Forsworn Bow - thinner bowstring only
Nightingale Bow - main portion thinner, the protrusions around the handle bended to follow the shape of the wood
Elven Bow - main portion thinner
Glass Bow - thinner
Supple Ebony Bow (optional) - modified meshes and textures of CrazyLion's Ebony Bow

Supple Ebony Bow has the same weight as the regular Ebony Bow, but it shares the damage and draw speed with Supple Ancient Nord Bow (Weight: 16, Damage: 14, Draw speed 0.875).

Four load screens have been changed with the new bow meshes.

My deep gratitude goes to LeanWolf, for his suggestions and inspiration, and CrazyLion for providing his high quality Ebony Bow files and letting me use them.