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Small HUD with options for (blinking!) dot aim and repositioned stealth meter. Oh by the way I fixed the bad tracking for animated messages as well so there's that.

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And now for the sequel.....


Small HUD ft Dot Crosshair and Stealth Remetered

Ever stop to wonder why Skyrim HUD is humongous? Well, stop to wonder no more! This mod reduces the HUD size. There are options for dot aim and repositioned stealth meter as well if that's your jam!

How To Use
Any mod manager:





Pick one of the main folders and copy its "Interface" folder into "%Skyrim%\Data" folder.

Delete "hudmenu.swf" from "%Skyrim%\Data\Interface"

Performance Hit

This mod is NOT compatible with any mod using its own hudmenu.swf/hudmenu.gfx, such as colored marker mods (markers on map will still be colored).

Feel free to use this mod to make compatibility patch for your colorful map markers or whatever.
You're not allowed to upload this elsewhere without my express permission.
You're not allowed to upload a duplicate of this and claim it as your own. That's called stealing. This includes "mod packs".
If I happen to totally vanish from online world for a period of at least two years, consider this mod abandoned and available for the public to do as they see fit. I can be otherwise reached on Reddit (u/Fhaarkas).

Bethesda for Skyrim
Mardoxx, Schlangster and the SkyUI team for Skyrim UI SDK
Wenderer for FOMOD Creation Tool cum Big Arse Time Saver

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Small HUD ft Dot Crosshair and Stealth Remetered
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