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New, more detailed models and better (1K) textures for gemstones. TEST VERSION. Please let me know if it works.

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This mod is released ONLY on Nexus. If you see it on other pages, it's probably stolen.

This is a test version of my Pretty Gemstones mod. According to my source it works fine, but please let me know if it really does.

I remodeled almost all of the vanilla gemstones (in fact the only models I didn't touch are garnet and flawed garnet). I also tweaked Lighting Shader Properties, so the gems wouldn't appear totally black when lying next to a light source. The mod provides new models and new 1K textures.
If you don't like my new models, you still can download a version with vanilla models. I don't know why, but vanilla models are slightly brighter than new ones, thus probably look better in the photo.


Not compatible with anything that changes gemstones' meshes.