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Save files for the Special Edition of Skyrim; multiple variants; all quests completed.

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These files are saves. Basically a hoarder's paradise. Everything has been completed. Yes, everything. Though if you spot an unfinished objective, be that minor or major, please let me know. The files were made by completing the base game, then Dragonborn, then branching into two saves with the Dawnguard DLC (siding with Volkihar Vampires or Dawnguard Vampire Hunters), then those two saves branching into a total of four with the Civil War (siding with the Imperial Legion or the Stormcloaks).

The MAIN files are the COMPLETED files. In these, everything has been completed, with few exceptions in file A:
  • File A: The Civil War quest line has not begun, and neither has the Dawnguard quest line.
  • File B: Player sided with the Dawnguard, and the Imperial Legion won the civil war.
  • File C: Player sided with the Dawnguard, and the Stormcloaks won the civil war.
  • File D: Player sided with the Volkihar, and the Imperial Legion won the civil war.
  • File E: Player sided with the Volkihar, and the Stormcloaks won the civil war.

The MISC files are the INCOMPLETE files, saved at regular intervals throughout my completionist playthrough(s). Each save builds upon the former:
  • Save 1: Basic save, in Helgen Keep after running from Alduin with Hadvar.
  • Save 2: Alduin has been defeated. Some other quest lines have been initiated.
  • Save 3: Companions quest line has been completed.
  • Save 4: College of Winterhold quest line and almost every minor quest have been completed.
  • Save 5: Thieves Guild quest line has been completed.
  • Save 6: Dark Brotherhood quest line has been completed. Civil War quests, Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs untouched.
In files 3-6, to see what has been completed, look at the attached .png file.

The game was initiated and completed with nothing but the base Skyrim Special Edition and Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. As such, the only requirement is USSEP (and all official DLC bundled with the Special Edition, of course).

Download the file(s) of your choice. Unzip the file(s) and place in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Saves.

  • Everything on this page is only guaranteed to be valid for files B, C, D, and E.
  • Everything that is rare or unique has been kept. And I do mean everything. You can find everything in the chest and two night stands in the bedroom of Breezehome, Whiterun.
  • Only cheats used were TGM (god mode), TMM 1 (revealing all map markers), increasing all skills to 100, and injecting some gold (though with the basic economy of Skyrim that's hardly cheating). Frost has also been marked essential (to undo: setessential 97E1E 0). To unlock all the trophies in the Thieves Guild, I used a console command (set TGRMasterTotal to xx) to increase the hidden variable before handing in quests to Vex/Delvin.
  • The quest to kill Paarthurnax was received right after Season Unending, which means (by weird design from Bethesda) that the quest turns invisible when Alduin is defeated. Paarthurnax, Esbern, Delphine, and Arngeir will all comment as if you still have the quest, and the quest will resume if you kill Paarthurnax and tell you to talk to Delphine. Or you can leave the poor guy alone.
  • The character is the default Nord, level 98, and Health was chosen at every level-up. I recommend that you remake the character as the very first thing, but be aware that this might reset some skill levels.
  • All perks refunded.

  • No one married yet.
  • No children adopted yet.
  • No Blades recruited yet.
  • Riverwood Love Triangle: Resolved in favor of Sven. Sorry Faendal fans (Fandals?).
  • Waking Nightmare: Erandur betrayed and obtained the Skull of Vaermina.
  • The Blessings of Nature: The Gildergreen was replaced with a sapling.
  • Blood on the Ice: Due to expert timing, Calixto didn't get the opportunity to murder anyone other than Susanna the Wicked.
  • Book of Love: Completed in favor of Klimmek during the Ivarstead part.
  • Season Unending: Markarth was given to the Stormcloaks, and Riften was given to the Empire.
  • In My Time of Need: Kematu killed, and Saadia helped.
  • Missing in Action: Thorald rescued from the Thalmor in a hostile fashion.
  • Promises to Keep: Frost the horse has been acquired. Frost has also been marked as essential (to undo: setessential 97E1E 0).
  • Paarthurnax: The quest to kill Paarthurnax has been left untouched. See notes.
  • The Black Star: Gave the star to Araena and got Azura's Star.
  • Boethiah's Calling: Sacrificed Njada Stonearm of the Companions.
  • Ill Met By Moonlight: Sinding was spared.
  • A Daedra's Best Friend: Chose the Rueful Axe over the Masque of Clavicus Vile.
  • Lost to the Ages: Created the shield over the circlet and staff.
  • Pieces of the Past: Silus Vesuius was killed to obtain Mehrunes' Razor.
  • The Taste of Death: Killed the entire coven of Namira.
  • The Cure for Madness: Cicero is alive.
  • Every optional bonus objective was completed during every Dark Brotherhood quest, with the exception of killing Amaund Motierre.
  • Thirsk Mead Hall: Sided with the Nords (yeah, I don't like Rieklings).
  • A Cure For Serana: She was cured of vampirism in files B and C.

  • Hjerim, Windhelm, purchased and fully furnished.
  • Breezehome, Whiterun, purchased and fully furnished except for the children's bedroom.
  • Vlindrel Hall, Markarth, purchased and fully furnished except for the children's bedroom.
  • Honeyside, Riften, purchased and fully furnished except for the children's bedroom.
  • Proudspire Manor, Solitude, purchased and fully furnished.
  • Heljarchen Hall, The Pale, purchased but nothing built.
  • Lakeview Manor, Falkreath, purchased but nothing built.
  • Windstad Manor, Hjaalmarch, purchased but nothing built.
  • Severin Manor, Raven Rock, obtained.