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Blessings become actual permanent effects, function like standing stones.

Permissions and credits
Applies to all 9 divines, as well as Auriel (Dawnguard), Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala (Dragonborn).

Technical Details:

  • TempleBlessingScript is heavily modified to replace the old workings the new the workings
  • New magic effects and spells are used, not overrides, so it will not interfere with other mods that may use those records
  • Both old (pre-install) blessings and new style permanent ones are removed when using a shrine
  • Activators are not modified, so it should be easy to integrate into a game in progress
  • Script is packed in a .bsa (also source provided)
  • SSEdit clean (two records injected into Dawnguard.esm and Dragonborn.esm to prevent clean masters from removing, script uses both)
  • dlc2BBUnlimitedStaminaEffect and dlc2BBUnlimitedMagickaEffect had MagicBlessing and Dispel with Keywords removed so they are not interfered with (though they should only last 30 seconds anyway)

Compatability Details:
  • Ordinator (9.26) patch required for Restoration perk "Gods and Mortals" to function.
  • Sacrosanct (4.05) patch required for Imperial Vampire's "Cult of Shadows" ability to function.
  • Please let me know if a patch is required for any other mods.