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Replaces the Twin Enchantment perk of Ordinator by adding additional levels which allow more than two enchants per item. Also restores the Enchanting Mastery / Enchanter levels of the vanilla system to allow stronger enchantings.

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Part of this mod was inspired by Multiple Enchantments (by DrDelirium). Since that mod was out of date and changed more things than just the multiple enchants I decided to create my own mod from scratch.

Multiple Enchantments (previously Twin Enchantments) now has 4 levels and allows for up to 5 enchants on a single item. Each rank increases it by 1.
Enchanting Mastery / Enchanter now has 5 ranks again like in vanilla. From rank 3 to 5 the bonus increases by 60/80/100% but loses the soulstone bonus of rank 1 and 2.

Just install with a mod manager of your choice or manually and make sure it gets loaded after Ordinator.esp.

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