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Arron Dominion and merged by Ellie

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A merged ESP of Dominion's many npc-adding mods to save space in your load order. Posted with permission.

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I love Dominion's mods--they add many new npcs to Tamriel, and the best part?  They are not Nords.

I can only look at so many.

That being said, there are seven of these, and like most people, I don't have the space in my load order to spare.  So, with his permission, I have posted a merged ESP to take the place of those seven.

Required Mods:

More Khajit
More High Elves
More Dark Elves
More Wood Elves
More Argonians
More Redguards
More Orcs

Download each mod, and activate in your mod merger of choice.  Download this esp and activate it.  Delete only the esps  from the original mods.  They start with "ajd".  Profit.