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Summon Kynreeve Kahl, a dremora follower. Features flexible combat styles, commands, and a varied arsenal.

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Summon Kynreeve Kahl, a dremora warrior. Your foes shall fall before him. His will is yours to command.
Classic Skyrim | XBox

The ability to summon Kynreeve Kahl must be earned. You will find him under the control of a hostile conjurer that travels between several prominent Daedric shrines. Defeat the conjurer to acquire his grimoire or summoning staff. Be prepared - the conjurer is well equipped to defend himself! (Minimum level of the conjurer is 25.)

New in update 1.2: After the player reaches level 15, notes warning of a dangerous individual will begin appearing outside inns, halls, and some road signs near Karthwasten, Dragon Bridge, Morthal, Dawnstar, Windhelm, and Winterhold. Take one of these notes and read it to reveal the location of the Conjurer.  The Conjurer may still be encountered and defeated at any level.

[HINT] A clue for finding the conjurer's hangouts: He leaves behind a crate with a small candle where he often lays his research materials. He moves to a new location every couple of days.

Once acquired, summon Kynreeve Kahl with a spell ("Summon Kynreeve", an expert level conjuration spell) or Staff of the Kynreeve.

The rituals binding Kynreeve Kahl to your plane are unusually strong. In his full power Kahl will remain under your command indefinitely, and cannot be banished by magical means. Speak with Kahl to send him away (Dialogue: 'You are no longer needed. [Dismiss]').

Like all daedra, Kynreeve Kahl cannot be permanently killed. If his body is severely damaged, he will return to Oblivion where he will take time to recover (24 in-game hours). Attempting to summon Kahl in this state will pull a greatly weakened shade from Oblivion. This shade is fragile and transient - it cannot regenerate health, can be banished, and will only remain bound for 60 seconds. The shade cannot be interacted with, but will still follow commands.

Combat Commands
Issue commands found in your Powers tab in the Magic menu at any time. Kahl will respond as quickly as he is able, even during combat.

Attack Target: Kahl will begin combat with the targeted actor.
Stand Down [Toggle]: Kahl will cease combat and follow you. Cancels any 'waiting for player' actions.
Taunt: Kahl will attempt to draw the attention of nearby enemies.
Move: Kahl will move to the targeted location and wait.
Protect [Toggle]: Kahl will focus on attacking targets near you. Cast again to cancel.
Ranged Weapons [Toggle]: Kahl will mostly use ranged weapons. Cast again to cancel.
Melee Weapons [Toggle]: Kahl will mostly use melee weapons. Cast again to cancel.

Adaptive Combat Styles
Kahl's talents lie in his mastery of a wide variety of weaponry - from bow to heavy weapons, shield, and sword. He will adjust his combat style to the weapon in his hands. Outfit him with equipment that best suits your needs.

Two-handed weapons: Balanced offense and defense.
Single-handed or dual-wielding: Offensive style, attacks frequently and circles opponents.
Shield: Defensive style. Attacks less frequently, but blocks and bashes often.

Kynreeve's Arsenal
What Kahl lacks in magical prowess, he makes up for in ingenuity. He has a variety of tools at his disposal to challenge a wide array of foes.
Speak with Kahl to discuss which gear he should and should not use (Dialogue: 'About your gear...'). 

Kahl can replenish his stock of arrows, ampoules, and potions after returning to Oblivion. Fully restocking supplies takes about 2 in-game hours. After a hard battle, be sure to send him away to prepare for his next summons.

Kynreeve's Longbow
A unique longbow belonging to Kynreeve Kahl. Allows the use of specialized arrows:
Banish Arrow: Banishes summoned targets weaker than Kahl.
Shackle Arrow: Dark crystals sprout in the joints of the target, slowing attacks and rooting them in place.
Silence Arrow: Temporarily disrupts the target's flow of Magicka, preventing spell casting.
Curse Arrow: Curses the target, slowly leaching their life-force. Upon death the target explodes, dealing radial damage equal to half its health. 

Ring Of Warding
When blocking, manifests a ward that absorbs magical attacks. Greatly increases magic resistance while worn.
This item is temperamental, and only responds to Kynreeve Kahl.

Ampoule of Chaos
When crushed, releases a toxic cloud that sends all it affects into a frenzy. Useless in the wrong hands.

Daedric Regenerative Draught
Restores health and enhances damage resistance. Toxic to mortals.

Additional Features
Safe Storage
Speak with Kahl and select 'What else are you carrying? [Storage]', to access his satchel. Kahl will not use items placed in storage, and the storage will not respawn. Capacity is limited to 200 units. Note: You can find alternate headgear "Kynreeve's Hood" and "Kynreeve's Hooded Helmet" stored here.

If Kynreeve Kahl is nearby, intimidation attempts are 50% more likely to succeed.

Tips and Console Commands
  • Important information such as Kahl's recovery state, summoned status, and active toggle commands can be viewed under your Active Effects tab in your Magic menu.

  • Most of Kahl's gear can be freely moved in and out of his inventory. His armor and weapons can be improved and enchanted, with the exception of his bow and ring. Be aware, however, that in the hands of the player most items have no effect or even backfire (and in the case of his armor set, have place holder meshes). 

Use the following console commands to troubleshoot or skip parts of the mod. Using the console outside of these commands may result in features malfunctioning.

Retrieve Lost Equipment
setstage ehKynManageMod 1
Moves any missing Kynreeve equipment to Kahl's inventory including armor set, bow, and ring. (Only works if player has learned the summon spell or collected the staff.)

Retrieve Spellbook or Staff
setstage ehKynManageMod 2
Moves spellbook or staff to the Player's inventory. Can be used to bypass the Conjurer battle. Using both the staff and spell in the same save game is completely safe.

Mark Conjurer On Map

setstage ehKynManageMod 3
Marks the Conjurer with a quest marker and adds an objective to the Player's journal under Miscellaneous.

If using Mod Manager:
Select ONE main file only. Press the blue "Mod Manager Download" button. Install automatically via the Mod Manager application.
Select ONE main file only. Press the "Download Manually" button. Unzip the contents of the file, and merge with your Data folder in you Skyrim directory.

Be warned: uninstalling a mod partway through a playthrough is never a good practice. If you find it necessary however, do the following:

Open the console and enter: setstage ehKynManageMod 100

This command will attempt to remove most mod-added items from the world. (This step is not entirely necessary, but should make for a cleaner removal.) After this is complete, save your game, disable the ESP and remove all related files.

No cell edits have been made. Items placed in the world (such as idle markers and the conjurer's small prop) are added via script. That means this mod will not directly conflict with any other mod that makes world space edits. However the conjurer's spawn points could possibly be obstructed by mods that drastically alter the landscape. 

Kynreeve Kahl does not use the vanilla follower system for technical reasons. (Although his system still provides the same functionality.) This means he will not conflict with other mods that alter followers, but is also not necessarily compatible. This is entirely dependent on how the other mod detects and handles followers.

Kahl's appearance is highly customized.  Most texture or mesh replacers will have no effect on him without modification. 

Thanks to FadingSignal for permission to use the excellent SkySights Skins male body textures. Get them here: SkySight Skins - Male Textures
Thanks to Urshi for the advice and fixing up my hair meshes so they look nice 'n soft!
Thanks to my friends who have been my guinea pigs, and for putting up with my babble for a long, long time. (And no, it's still not done. It's never done!) 
The Ring Of Warding mesh and textures were edited from SMIM

A craftable version of Kahl's armor is available here: Kynreeve Armor SSE