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This mod changes the ELFX Weathers made by anamorfus.

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This mod changes the ELFX Weathers made by anamorfus, to something that feels more natural (to me).

Please notice there is NO ENB used in the screenshots above.

The "normal" version corrects sunsets and sunrises, sun texture, and the saturation to more natural levels.
The "bleak" version additionally de-saturates even more the environment, which to my eyes is more natural.
Of course everything is in the eye of the beholder!
You can download both versions and try them, they are two different ESPs, you keep the one you like.

  • Download and install ELFX Weathers from Enhanced Lights and FX
  • Download and install this mod
  • Make sure both ELFX - Weathers.esp and ELFX Revised Weather.esp are checked
  • Make sure ELFX Revised Weather.esp OR ELFX Revised Bleak Weathers.esp is loaded after ELFX - Weathers.esp

Run your game, and (hopefully) you'll like it. :)

anamorfus: creator of the amazing Enhanced Lights and FX and ELFX Weathers

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