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Craftable and placeable lanterns and candles.

Permissions and credits
I'm not author of this mod! I can't provide full support to it.
I ported it because many people asked to. 

This is port of original Skyrim (Oldrim) mod Lanterns and Candles by Mentilreq

♦ Description:
Adds place-able lanterns and candles that can be crafted at a forge using ingots, or candlesticks and lanterns found throughout the game. You will also need candles, which can be crafted out of troll fat at a cooking pot. There are also Candelabras, Shrine Bases, and Candlesticks from Sovngarde.

♦ Installation:
Unpack to Data folder or use mod manager.

♦ To Use
1. Drop item from your inventory
2. Once the item is where you want it, activate it to lock in place.
3. Activate to turn the flame on/off
4. "Grab" it to put it back in your inventory

♦ Warning!
You must activate it (turn it into a static object) then save. Otherwise, when you load a save file, it will crash immediately. (c) yic17

♦ Advice:
For precise positioning of static Lanterns and Candles highly recommended Jaxonz Positioner. Turn lantern to Static and then position it as you need.


Sorry, guys... I will not support my mods any further. I have other things to do.