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This is a collection of new main menu replacers designed to fit the style of the game. They are simplistic but stylish menus and some change the music to better suit the image being shown, as well as provide a fresh feel to the main menu screen.

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Welcome to my mod page for a collection of new main menu replacers. When Skyrim Special Edition was released, I expected the main menu would have had a makeover but instead it was the same old menu screen we had been staring at for the past 5 years. Whilst building my new Special Edition mod list, I decided to go ahead and create a few menu replacers so that I can swap them out whenever I got bored.

Each menu is a simplistic design and stays within the Skyrim theme, so no animé dancing girls or Game of Thrones dragons. Some of the menus also change the music to better suit the image being shown which also serves to freshen up the menu while you sift through your save files and whatever else you like to do before loading the game. I'm not going to list all of the changes here and which music plays where as you can download the files and check them out for yourself or even watch my YouTube Video for a preview. They are however all from the standard Skyrim soundtrack and have been converted to high quality xwm format for the best sound quality.

Do note that these menus were also designed with no Creation Club news updates in mind, although some may still work fine alongside it. I myself prefer to use No More Creation Club News which not only gets rid of stuff I don't care to know about but also leaves me with more space to get creative. Fog has also been removed on some menus, however it still works well on a majority of the designs.

Do also note that these are intended for use with Special Edition only, given the branding on each menu. Depending on how successful this pack goes, I may create some for Legacy if there are enough requests. I also plan on adding more menus in the future.

This is a simple enough process of installing with the mod manager button here on the Nexus. You can also install them manually but in any case just make sure that there's nothing else conflicting with the files of this mod. There was also no real point to adding this into a BSA given the few files included.