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Simple .esp replacer for Newermind43's ESO Altmer Armor to remove world edit and chest and make it craftable.

Choice of Armoured or Clothing circlet.

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Simple, basic mod to make Newermind43's excellent  ESO Altmer Armor craftable. Only .esp replacer, original mod required for meshes and textures.

Removes the chest and world edit at the Lady Stone, changes stats from beginner tier (leather/steel) to standard Skyrim Elven, Gilded Elven stats for body, uses standard Elven crafting and tempering recipes. Moonstone? Well, it's Elven tier, so steel and leather are too easily available, quicksilver too rare/valuable. Elven Smithing perk required to craft

Circlet is changed from clothing to helmet/armor/Elven, still uses circlet slot, and the sword stats changed to do 1 less base damage than an Elven sword but still have the 1.1 speed of the original mod.

You obviously need ESO Altmer Armor by Newermind43, just replace the .esp with this one.

All the work is by Newermind43, this .esp is just basic CK, anyone could do it and I am no modder, please endorse the original mod and seek Newermind43's permission to do anything with the assets.

Added clothing circlet back in, because even the simplest mod made by a beginner can be improved.