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Dock and fishing shack for Lakeview Manor player house.

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I really hated the altar and mage at the edge of the player built house Lakeview Manor in the Hearthfire DLC. So I got rid of it and added a small fishing shack in its place.

It also adds a small dock and fishing boat on the waters edge. This is all just a beautification mod. It does not require Hearthfire to work. And it is there whether you build the manor house or not. But there are tons of these all around Tamriel, so all I did was remove 1 altar and add a fishing shack. It does have a bed, a couple of fish barrels, and a cooking pot.

Makes Lakeview Manor a slightly safer place to raise a family.

I am planning on doing something with that dead woodcutter too, but have not started on that one yet.


CONFLICTS: Only ones that change the altar in the same area. That would be about it.

UPDATE: Added the Conjuration skillbook back to the area. It's on the bench just outside the shack. Use this version instead.

Mad shout out to Tierogames for his Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul patch!!!  Get it HERE.
If ya use both, show him some endorsement love too!!