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LetsTryAgain's Truly Light Elven Armour converted to SSE CBBE BodySlide.

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What do you get when Jeir is in the mood to convert stuff? Conversions! I have included BodySlide files, and pre-built meshes (Slim (Outfit)), of LetsTryAgain's Truly Light Elven Armour, both replacer and standalone.

Manual: Download and install Truly Light Elven Armour (replacer and/or standalone). Download the corresponding version of this mod and open it with 7zip. Drag+Drop/extract the folders to Skyrim Special Edition/Data. Allow overwrites.
Wrye Bash/NMM/Vortex: Download and install Truly Light Elven Armour. Download the corresponding version of this mod and install it, allowing overwrites.

Once installed, use BodySlide to generate the outfits with your own preset if required. If using the Standalone version, activate LTAJC_LightElvenArmor.esp.

Manual: Replacer - Delete /meshes/armor/elven/f, and anything with 'TL Elven Armour' in it's name from /CalienteTools/BodySlide/ShapeData, /SliderSets and /SliderGroups. Standalone - Delete LTAJC_LightElvenArmor.esp, meshes/armor/LTAOC_LightElven, and anything with 'TL Elven Armour S' from the aforementioned BodySlide folders.
Wrye/NMM/Vortex: Uninstall as you would any other mod.

Q1: Where is this armour located?
A: Replacer version - Just get any standard elven armour, either with console or from NPCs/looting/crafting. Standalone version - craft at the forge.

Q2: Will you port this to Skyrim/Oldrim?
A: No. For all intents and purposes, I have completely moved on to SSE. I will not be making any new mods for Skyrim.

Q3: UNP/UUNP/etc?
A: No. Please use the original mod if you don't want to use CBBE.

Q4: Physics/CBP/Jellyboobs?
A: No.

LetsTryAgain - For the original Truly Light Elven Armour mod.
Ousnius - CBBE and BodySlide..
Caliente - CBBE and BodySlide.