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Imp of the Perverse - WS6PILOT

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An MCM menu that allows height adjustment without the console and moves the first person camera up to the selected size.

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This mod is a re-upload of Imp of the Perverse's mod, ported to SSE with their permission. It has worked on my mod-heavy save for weeks, and as far as I know is compatible with just about anything that doesn't already alter player sizes or skeletons. All credit for this mod goes to the original author, Imp of the Perverse.

An MCM menu for adjusting your character\'s height, and their height when in werewolf or vampire lord form. It also corrects your 1st person
camera height, without swapping out skeleton nifs (if you don\'t have
MCM, it still works as a first person camera height fix for your
character\'s racial default scale.) SKSE64 v1.5.23 or later required.

Use NMM or MO for easy install, or just drag and drop the files into your Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder.

SKSE64 is required for mod functionality and MCM is needed if you want to mess with the player height scales, in human form along with Vampire Lord/Werewolf forms. If you change your scale from the console using player.setscale, this mod will not adjust your first person height accordingly; you MUST use the MCM so that the mod can bump up your perspective.
No more being shorter than a Dunmer as an Altmer! Your first person eyes are also now made closer to your head than your neck, so you can look down on people instead of just up.
Have fun!