About this mod

After Months of work i am Glad to Release my newest Creations. 5 ENB presets can be found here

Permissions and credits

I am glad to finally release by work of the last few Moths :D These are 5 different presets i made.
All of them are calibrated by default for a different Weather Mod but you can use all of them with what you prefer. I made a Video on how to do that here. If you have any other questions i highly recommend joining my Discord. If you have trouble installing the ENB you can find a Video for that here or read down here:

1. Go on the site ENBDev.com and download the latest ENB files for Skyrim SE
2. Open up the "WrapperVersion" folder inside the ZIP and extract the d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into your Skyrim SE main folder (were your game EXE file is)
3. Choose one of my ENB,s form the file section and extract everything from inside the ZIP in the same folder.
4. Now your set up and good to go :D Hotkeys for ENB ingame are: Shift + Enter for ENB menu (to disable Letterbox for example) and PageUp to take a screenshot.

And these are the Presets:

Angels Feather is a very Bright Preset (as you can tell lol) It might be the most performance heavy Preset here but also one of the most Beautiful ones if you like the Style. Its optimized for Vivid Weathers

Fallen Phoenix is a really Colorful but Still kinda Dark preset. The way it handles Color might no be for everyone
It also has been optimized for Vivid Weathers but i might switch to NAT in the future.

I made this preset dedicated to James Autumn for his motivation and Support :D. It was Tweaked for CoT but it may Work for other Weather mods too. As you can tell i tried to catch a Autumn like flavor and got really orange with that.

This is based on "Autumn Days" but is less orange and darker than it.
I found CoT
 really fitting for it

Seasons of the Abyss is my ENB from Fallout 4 that i ported to SSE recently. Its really performance friendly and has a few Different looks. Use it with NAT or watch my Patch Video.


Boris Vorntsov: For creating the awesome ENB binary without his would not even be possible

Kingeric1992: Constant help with my dump questions related to code. Also the LUT shader

iiTzKraze: Helping me with some Cover pics with his Photoshop magic and helping me on my Discord

James Autumn: Motivation and Screenshots. Also a lot of promotion of my Fallout4 ENB

TheRatDragon: For helping me with the Discord group. Also motivating me :D

Zekerriya: Giving me Tweaking tips for fog etc. ;)

TreyM: Helping me with the LUT,s and giving me advise for tweaking. Also i am really inspired by his work.

Aubri: Some really nice screenshots and for being a nice hangaround

Ceejay.dk: for his great Work on many shaders i used to create my Presets

Marty McFly: Used quite 
a lot of this awesome Shaders like the DoF all my ENB,s use

And everyone else on my Discord ;) nice to have you guys there :D