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This is a gamesave where you are not already the dragonborn . You want to kill the murderer of your familly. Only one faction can help you to achieve it.

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An AC Origins inspired story

The order killed your father and your mother. You have nothing , except a key to a house in Riften...You have to travel in Skyrim to discover who is behind this action...

Your name is Bayek. You are a 23 years old Redguard travelling to Riften. 
One year ago , Bayek has discovered that his familly was part of The Hidden Ones . They were fighting against the Order since decades.
This is why they got killed. 
You are now playing as Bayek , starting in Riften , and owning the Honeyside house. It was a bureau of your mother when she was in Skyrim.
You learn on your road that the emperor himself is the one who killed your familly , you have now to track him down , and find peoples to help you. 

Which factions will help you ? What will happend to you after you kill him ?


I have a project to make it a real mod , with quest etc... but i do not have enought time and experience to make it , so if someone can talk of it with me , he is welcome here.


So you are level 13 at the beginning. You have already assassin perk and sneak perk due to your assassin DNA. 
The dark brotherhood is the faction that makes you kill the emperor , so basically , you need to join them ( its pretty obvious , i mean , you're an assassin ) 
You also start with a dagger from Elders of The Hidden Ones ( not sure of the mod so you may start with nothing , but np , challenger mode ) ; You are a good fighter too since you train everyday since you're a child.


22/12 - I will normally add this " " as the dagger of Bayek . If the author autorize me , i'll make a rename version included in the mod , called " the hidden blade " . The project is to create a real hidden blade , but it should be hard since SKSE 64 is not optimized enought .