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adds a movement speed enchantment for boots

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Movement Speed enchantment for boots.

New 1.1 cleaned up and updated as ESL
reduced movement speed to 8% (20% with the enchanter perk at lvl 5)
- warning if switching from old version to the new version you should probably unequip the enchantment first,
you will also have to reacquire the enchantment - 

Movement speed bonus depending on soul gem
boots are found in whiterun in the weapon store on the table.

For the older versions in case you like higher speeds:

alternative version made by Arcanus:
- they were added to the Warmaiden inventory so they are for sale.
older version esl flagged -> Basic Boots of Speed V1.0

if you don't like "stealing" this might be for you -> Boots of Speed - No Stealing Fix

note: that the actual speed boost depends on your skill in enchanting!
You will have to enchant a new pair of shoes when you decide to choose another version

Mod recommendation:
No Enchantment Restriction SKSE Remake

console [~]:
type: help "Fast Iron Boots"
then use the id to add the item to your inventory: player.additem <itemID> 1