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An overhauled, modernized version of Dethroned\Maeven2 Adriana follower. She can be found in The Temple of Mara, Riften.

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Adriana 2018-SSE

Adds a new follower to Skyrim 
Location: Temple of Mara-Riften
Race: Imperial
Class: Combat Warrior 1H
Comes equipped with Heirloom set of Blades armor and weapon
Marriageable: Yes
Requires: ApachiiSkyHair SSE 

Original Mod by Dethroned
Face by Maeven2

Should work with all Skin\Body textures.


Q: How is this different from the original mod?

A: The original mod had a number of shortfalls. Namely, duplicate hairs would appear in Showracemenu, she is found naked, equipped only with a chef's tunic(not even wearing it). Had a not very useful combat class (archer), and no weapon at all.
She has been completely overhauled and modernized for SSE, and is now an effective and viable follower. The mod has been rebuilt using SSE tools and forms.

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