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Change camera view, angle, height and zoom depending on several situations. Can be used in example for auto change view in conversations. Not as good as Face-to-face, but working. Same plus some additional features like Customizable Camera. However, can be used alongside with it.

Permissions and credits
Auto-first-third-person view

The description was taken from the Oldrim page with some changes according to SSE.

Version: 0.704SE
Date: 07 Dec 2017 
Author: kuertee 
Ported: dtrail
Source: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/27452/ 

  • Skyrim SE
  • Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE64) http://skse.silverlock.org/
  • The [camera] section in your Skyrim.INI exists when Custom 3rd-person camera positions features is used.

  • When used with another 3rd-person camera mod, set userChange3rdPersonCameraPos to False so that my mod's 3rd-person camera changes are disabled.

Short description
Automatically switches to your preferred view depending on these conditions: bow is drawn, ranged weapon is out, spell or staff is out, melee weapon is out, sprinting, sneaking, in interior or otherwise. 

Alternate to "Face to Face" conversation

You can set in the MCM menu to switch to 1st person view when in dialogue. It's working out of the box. Only thing is, it does NOT center view by itself and also does not zoom.

I'm using also Customizable Camera alongside with this mod. To make both working together, I've set this mod to ignore Left and Right hand, also set userChange3rdPersonCameraPos to False. It's important that you set the main idle camera states to the exact same values in both mods!
Otherwise they will try to overwrite camera states each others. But actually you can disable Customizable Camera mod because this mod can do exactly the same, with some more settings.

If you set everything right it will switch to 1st person view when being in dialogue and switch back to 3rd person whne the conversation partner stops talking after leaft the dialogue.





Just install with your desired Mod Manager or NMM.

Change your settings within the game in Sky UI's MCM or check the settings in "Data\Ini\".

In SSE the following steps are not necessary, because after changing any setting in the MCM menu, just draw/sheath weapon to take over the changes. However, there's an alternate method if you decide to change settings in the ini file:

If you change any setting in the INI file, execute your changes by typing in the console {bat "ini\kuerteeAutoFirstThirdPersonView.ini"} without the brackets.

Activate the mod.


  1. Open Sky UI's MCM, set the uninstallNow toggle to True then exit the menus. OR In the console, type "SetPQV kuAFTPVQ uninstallNow True."
  2. Wait for a message confirming the uninstallation. Save the game.
  3. Deactivate the mod with Wrye Bash. If you installed this manually, simply delete all the files you installed. (Wrye Bash keeps track of files used, so installing/uninstalling the mod with it is 100% simpler.)


  • You can reset the mod by typing {SetPQV kuAFTPVQ resetNow True} (without the brackets) in the console. Or with Sky UI's MCM, set the resetNow toggle to True then exit the menus.
  • When it resets it will ask you either reset all of its data or continue with the current data. Resetting all its data will remove all your configurations and set the mod as if you have first installed it.
  • You can check all the mod's data by typing {SQV kuAFTPVQ} in the console. You can check if your configurations were set in the mod properly with this.
  • If you find that your changes (with the command SetPQV or from executing the INI) does not appear in the mod, check the command again for spelling errors. Then try again.
  • If you find that resetting (with resetNow) and uninstalling (with uninstallNow) don't seem to work, the mod may have been suspended. It is best to simply start-over (i.e. reinstall the mod) after a "clean" save.
  • Creating a clean save:
    1. If you can uninstall the mod from the console with {SetPQV kuAFTPVQ uninstallNow True}.
    2. Wait for the mod to confirm the uninstallation. It may take a minute. If no confirmation appears, then simply continue to the next step.
    3. Save the game manually from the console by typing {save uninstalledMod}.
    4. Uninstall all the mod's files (*.ESP, *.PSC, *.PEX) from the game folders. Make sure that none of the mod's Scripts are left. A mod manager like Wrye is best used for this.
    5. Load the "uninstalledMod" save.
    6. Save the game manually again from the console by typing {save cleanSave}. Because all of the mod's files were removed, all of its data will be "zeroed" in this game.
    7. Play from this game.

  • As a last resort, you can also enable script logging and investigate it and/or send it to me. Contact me first either on TESNexus or the official Bethesda forums. To enable script logging, read this thread from the official Bethesda Creation Kit Forum: http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1345130-having-papyrus-trouble-here-are-some-things-to-try/.
  • Credits

    Mod created by kuertee for Oldrim.
    kuertee in http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/ 

    Tools Used

    Creation kit - http://www.creationkit.com 


    You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit. I would also like to be contacted when you include this mod in part or in full in a public release.