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Ported mods to SSE Status



Currently working on: 


- Bards

- AH Hotkeys: RealAntithesis (author) got his hands on it for a proper SSE release.

Current  tests are promising. No CTDs so far..






- SSE Fixes (for latest game version)


- Showers in Inns


- Souls Quick Menu***

- More Hotkeys Please (incl. SSE controlmap)***

- Dual Hand Combo Hotkeys***

- Hotkey your gear***


- Customizable UI Replacer**

--> Less Intrussive HUD II (req.)

--> Widget Mod (req.)


- 3rd Person Camera Overhaul (3PCO Full - what a blast with Simple LockOn!)***

- Enhanced 3rd Person Camera 1.2***


- Simple Locational Damage System***


- Archery Gameplay Overhaul***

- NockToTip***


- Dynavision***


- Dragon Combat Overhaul***

- Deadly Combat Lite (Latest SKSE dependant version)***

- Dual Wield Parrying***


- Crime Overhaul***


- Additional Player Voices***


- Eat, Drink and Bath***


- Equipping Overhaul***

- Loot and Degradation (FULL versions, NOt the alpha- FUlly functional)***

- Masters of disguise***


- Dragonmount - Real Dragon Fast Travel***

- Immersive Stalkers


- Simply Balanced***

- True Armor**


- SkyComplete (FULL + DLCs, Falskaar, etc)***


- Ren's HD Flame Attronarchs***


- Wyrmstooth (fully working)**



** > Need testers


*** > Confirmed working fine


!! Nothing will be published without proper permissions! If you have any questions, PM me.


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