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Hope's Abandon is a huge dungeon filled with challenging puzzles, traps and encounters. It has a custom boss and a follower. Level 40+ is suggested.

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A powerful group of beings has created a challenge to draw in and kill all of the would-be Heroes of Skyrim. Located near Gjukar's Monument (West of Whiterun) Hope's Abandon awaits with a custom leveled boss and follower. This dungeon is designed for solo play. If you can overcome the first room, then you should be able to make it to the boss.
The boss; however, is designed to be a challenge to any level as she is leveled and will always be tough. I would suggest a minimum of level 40 to fight her as she has many of the same skills and perks your character might. (Bring your potions!)
 Hope's Abandon is not a hack and slash dungeon and followers will mostly get in your way or possibly activate triggers early. There are traps and puzzles and I put a lot of thought into the visuals and ambiance of an old school dungeon crawl. It is nav meshed, but some of it is not to control NPC location and behavior. Make sure to have the ability to summon followers if you plan to use them. All the zone doors and encounter areas have nav mesh so your followers will zone with you in any case. I suggest waiting until you get to the final room to bring them into the fight.

 The room with the follower becomes accessible from just inside the main entrance after beating the boss and has a few things you may like. I put quite a few idle markers in it so if your like me and sometimes just like to release your brood of followers and watch, this room is a fun place for that. This one room does not respawn so it is safe for storage.

** Version 1.1 changes the entire dungeon to no reset cells in case you have the instant cell reset bug. See change log for full details.
All the scripts are trigger box based.

Cleaned with SSEEdit, optimized and nav meshed.

One esp. Install with NMM.

See the sticky post for hints and spoilers! All the notes are there in spoiler tags and rewritten so they can be copied and pasted into a translator.

Get the LE version HERE

Here's a peek inside!
*Please note, the boss in SSE is all Vanilla assets and will not look like in the video. I did my best to keep the same feel to her though. See the images for her new look.


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