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Increases the speed of all arrows and bolts, and makes them fly further before dropping towards the ground. This particular speed makes archery more realistic and satisfying while respecting gameplay mechanics.

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  • This mod increases the speed of all arrow and bolt projectiles by 42%. They also fly further before dropping towards the ground.

  • Allows all projectiles to hit targets that are far away, makes arrows fly through the center of your crosshair, disables auto-aim, and stops NPCs from dodging like Neo!

  • The Plus version also changes the bugged Bullseye perk to Seasoned Aim: Bows do 25% more critical damage and ignore 15% of armor. Standalone version available.

  • The mod and all patches are flagged internally as ESL, so they don't take up any load order slots once the game is running. No need for a merged patch!

  • Automatically tweaks Nightingale Arrows if you have Awesome Artifacts installed.

  • Comes with an .ini file that automatically sets the right aim settings for you. If it doesn't work from your data folder, copy its contents into your skyrim.ini.

These settings have been tested and fine-tuned over years to achieve what I feel is a pretty perfect compromise between realism and good gameplay.

Archery Tweaks is available for the classic version of Skyrim here, and for Xbox One on