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Alters the steam / volcanic pool effect meshes to emit a heat distortion/wave effect, similar to that of fires. Really makes things look/feel warm. Loose files, no plug-in required.

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Hey everyone, it's been a while.  I'm back with a very simple mod for Skyrim Special Edition, something that I was sort of surprised that nobody did yet.

The volcanic tundra area is definitely one of the hottest places in Skyrim, with its boiling mineral pools, heat cracks, and rumbling volcanic activity.  While walking through the area, I was thinking how cool (OR HOT, AMIRITE) it would be if these heat sources actually gave off a heat distortion effect, similar to how some fires do.  So, I added it!

This mod alters all of the steam and mineral pool effect meshes to emit a subtle but very ~immersive~ heat distortion.  It really gives off the impression that the steam and mineral pools are HOT.  It goes great with mods that make the boiling areas of the mineral pools hurt.

This does not alter any landscape, and does not use a plugin.  8 files have been altered in all, and have been designed to be compatible with the Particle Patch by Mindflux for darker nights and/or ENB (though neither is required.)  I kept the files loose to make installation/overwriting easier.  They are also super tiny.

As a bonus side effect, Dwemer Ruins and other places that emit steam effects will benefit from having this subtle heat haze as well.



  • Q: Will this work in Oldrim/LE?
  • A: Unfortunately, no.  They would have to be re-made for LE, but I don't have it installed currently.  If someone wants to reverse-engineer how I did this, and release it for LE with a little bit 'o credits to me, I would not mind.
  • Q: Is this compatible with "XYZ"?
  • A: As long as a mod doesn't overwrite the same effect files as this, it'll be compatible with everything.