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Let's your torch, candlelight- and magelight spell cast shadows with options for brightness and range.

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Torches Cast Shadows
 Change brightness, range or add shadows to your torch or
candlelight/magelight spell with MCM.

Thanks Hodil for the showcase. (Outdated)

  • TorchesCandlelight and Magelight cast dynamic shadows if there are less than 4 rendered dynamic lights.
  • Candlelight spell toggle and/or Quick Light by pressing activation key. 
  • Brightness and range customization.
  • Let NPC's cast dynamic lights (shadows).
  • Patch for Wearable Lanterns by Chesko: Let your front facing lantern cast shadows.
  • ALL above features are toggleable via MCM.

  • Wearable Lanterns by Chesko: Compatible (patch available)
  • Smoking Torches by artem1s: Compatible (patch available)
  • Enhanced Lights and FX (ELFX): Compatible (without its custom torch)
  • ELE: Compatible
  • Mods that alter Candlelight/Magelight: Might not be compatible
  • Light overhauls (such as RLO): Compatible as long as they don't add new dynamic light forms.
  • VRIK: Not compatible with holsters, but works as long as you equip it manually or through the favorites menu.


To play around the limit of rendered dynamic lights and only enable shadows when there are less than 4 lights within a certain distance from the player. 

  • There is a slight delay and a light effect before the torch is equipped.
  • Light cast on characters skin might sometimes look strange or "polygonal" due to default shadow bias values. Not possible to change on dynamically generated references.
  • The torch will be shown as unequipped in your inventory, even if equipped.
  • Skyrim VR: Magelight spell will be cast in the direction you are looking and not from your hand. Just disable the Magelight module in the MCM if it bothers you too much.