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Eddard Starks Greatsword "Ice" The original mod was created by Uschtenheim for Skyrim.

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Eddard Starks Greatsword "Ice"

The original mod was created by Uschtenheim for Skyrim and you can find it here. He was so kind to give me permission to upload this port!
Also available on for PC and Xbox.


  • Weight:22
  • Reach: 1.4
  • Speed: 0.8
  • Damage: 26
  • Crit Dmg: 15
  • Dps: 20
  • Value: 1000

So it has better Stats than a Daedric or Dragonbone Greatsword. But it is not to overpowered.

How to get it?

It´s forgeable only at the Skyforge and required the Steel smithing perk. Two versions are craftable. One with a sheath and one without.

For the one with sheath you need:
  • 4 Steel Ingots
  • 1 Silver Ingots
  • 2 Corundum Ingot
  • 5 Leather
  • 2 Leather Strips
  • 1 Firewood
  • 1 Daedra Heart

For the one without the sheath you need:
  • 4 Steel Ingots
  • 1 Silver Ingots
  • 2 Corundum Ingot
  • 1 Firewood
  • 1 Daedra Heart


With Manager
  1. Download with Manager
  2. Install with Manager
  3. Done^^

Without Manager
  1. Download manually
  2. Unzip the archive
  3. Copy the contained files into your Skyrim SE Data folder(…\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data).


With Manager
  1. Uninstall with Manager

Without Manager
  1. Delete all the files provided by this mod from the Skyrim SE Data folder.

Thanks to

Uschtenheim for the original mod.
ousnius for SSE NIF Optimizer.