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Marnya - My Hobbit Home - A player home dedicated to my friend Stroti

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Marnya - My Hobbit Home
for Skyrim Special Edition

by Tamira

dedicated to my friend Stroti

The esp and the bsa archive are updated for Skyrim Special Edition and tested ingame.


First of all I made this mod for myself. I loved the Hobbit Home resource by Stroti at the first sight and wanted to make my own home from it - and for once using my resources myself that I converted and uploaded during the last years to the Nexus.
That means I made this mod to my own liking - I will not make changes or take requests.

I used the location where I placed the demo for the Hobbit Home resource and expanded the house exactly there, at the southern Lake Ilinalta. Nearby is my first house mod Sepredia, it works well together with this one. Marnya should be loaded after Sepredia.
If there are other mods located at this area there may be conflicts. In that case you have to decide which one you want to keep, I won't make patches.

This house contains tons of custom models and textures, but as it is not overly cluttered, the performance should be decent. I had no problems and lags at all.

Marnya in Elvish should mean something like "my home". Maybe this word doesn't exist but I like it.

No DLC required.

You may not modify and/or re-upload this mod anywhere!

What you will find:

A cozy, warm lighted Hobbit Home. I tried to create a snug feeling that is appropriate for a true Hobbit.
It is not overly cluttered, I personally don't like houses that are so overstuffed that you can barely move, especially with a follower around.

You will find a custom shrine to cure your diseases. Furthermore a custom enchanter, alchemy, cooking pot and outside a wood chopping block.

There are lots of containers, all of them safe, that means they don't respawn, even if they have already some content. Some of them are named to help you with the sorting of things, some are unnamed. These containers may not always be recognizable as such on the first sight, as I made custom models for some of them, for instance a stack of books for a book container. So examine everything carefully.

The exterior and interior window lighting will follow the course of the day: inside they are lit during day time and will get darker according to the dawn/night outside and vice versa in the morning. And the exterior windows will slowly start to glow in the evening until they are fully lit at night and slowly getting darker again in the morning.

There are a few little references to the Hobbit book/movie, and an easter egg for my friend Stroti.

What you will not find:

No smithy, no tanning rack.
No mannequins, no display cases, no weapon racks, no book shelves.
No displays for dragon priest masks or the like.
No Hearthfire support for children or spouses. You can bring one follower with you, that's all.
I did not use interior doors, I liked it better with all rooms open.

No scripts!


I only used my own resources, i. e. resources of which I am the author or co-author. If you want to use these resources in your own mod, please download them from the original source and give credits as requested there.

These are:

Stroti's resources:

Stroti's Hobbit Home Resource
Stroti Resource Pack
Stroti Resource Pack II
Stroti's Treehouse Resource
Strotis Kitchen Tools
Strotis Craftsman Tools
Strotis Castle Furniture Resource
Strotis Manor Resource
Strotis Ovens Resource

Mr Siika's resources:

Mr Siika Castle Seaview Kit

Phitt's resources:

Phitt's Fishtank
Phitt's Morrowind Style Lanterns
Phitt's Sheogorad Resource - Part Two
The included object "tabledance" is ported from his Oblivion mod Mad Mage's Tower

Tamira's resources:

Assorted Resources
New Plants 1_3
New Flowers Resource
Static dishes and food resource

In addition I made some new custom objects as I wanted or needed them. You may use these in your mods too but please give credit and link back to this mod.

None of these resources or parts of them may be used in paid mods


Video for the original mod (old Skyrim):